Charbrew said

Charbrew website amendments

Hello Everyone,

We have just made some changed to the charbrew website ( as suggested by steepster followers please could you check us out and may any more suggestions.

thanks, Adam

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Doulton said

It looks nice. The only suggestions I would have are to have more sorting options so that your customers can sort for loose teas, black teas. It seems as if you have the tea bags mixed in with the loose teas and the rooibos mixed in with the blacks and the herbals.

Also I cannot find anywhere on your site if you ship abroad. You might say “Shipping to UK only” or ‘Shipping world wide" — whatever you are doing. I ordered from some French sites because they said right on their home pages: “We ship anywhere in the world but Japan” and then explained in a smaller font why Japan won’t allow tea to be shipped there.

I really like your graphics, fonts, text, and general appearance.

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delicious looking homepage

easy and simple navigation

So coffee bar seems to have a broken web link in the where to buy area

i enjoy the basket item counter! i sort of expected it on the right though

I love the nice descriptions, images, sizing, ingredients and pricing! very clear!

I agree with Doulton a filter or sort by tea type (black, green, loose, bagged) would help

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Charbrew said

Thanks Doulton and Amazon. Terms are being added for delivery etc shortly. Will speak to the web guys and see if i can get a filter sorted. Best , Adam

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Cait select said

It’s really pretty! But one of the first things I notice is that you feature certain teas on the front page but there’s no way to jump directly to those teas in your store — I kept clicking around, thinking I was just missing the link!

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