going to italy and denmark for vacation. any tea recommendations there?

curious if anyone has tried tea there!

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sandra said

if you are going to Denmark, consider bringing ‘gold’ with you. Most things are extremely expensive, esp. in Kopenhagen.
I know Italy well too, both North & South, it’s not a typcial ‘tea’ country. Most Italians only drink (variations of) coffee.

which part of Dk and Italy are you going to?

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Angrboda said

As resident Danish person, which part of Denmark will you be visiting? If you are in Copenhagen, look up AC Perchs. They have a shop in Kronsprinsensgade which is more than 175 years old, and I believe has been on that same address for most of those years. They also have a tea room, I THINK in connection with the shop, and if memory serves me correctly, they also have a tea room in Tivoli.

There is also in Copenhagen Sing Tehus in Skindergade and they also have a tea room.

I’m afraid that’s all I know of.

Where I live, Århus, there is Simply Tea not too far from the harbour. The owner really knows her stuff and imports at least some of her tea herself. It’s a tiny place, but they have a very good selection of unflavoured teas that you won’t find in any regular cafes.

I should also point out here a cafe called Sofies Forældre (Sofie’s Parents) which does excellent cake. They have a large selection in loose leaf which they brew fresh for you in wonderful china. Gold edges and everything. That sort of china that my great-grandmother collected. The sort of china that I desperately want and Husband hates because it’s so frail and tiny. Anyway, most of their teas are flavoured and it’s absolutely not the sort of quality you would get at Simply Tea,but it’s still better than what you would get at most other cafes and the whole Grandma style of the cafe is awesome. I go there regularly with a colleague for a good chinwag after work. :D

That’s all I know off the top of my head. If you can tell me a little more about where exactly you’re going, I can try and do a little more research for you.

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momo said

Regarding Italy, tea is generally something had at home/associated with being sick and not something you typically go out and drink (obviously that is coffee). But that doesn’t mean there aren’t tea shops.

This is a really old article but maybe these places are still open if you are going to any of these cities: http://www.nytimes.com/2002/09/15/travel/holding-the-bag-in-italy.html?src=pm

I also read about a chain called Peter’s Teahouse. This one site said it was really expensive so I went to Yelp and found someone say the prices range from 4.50 to 14 euros per 100g which honestly does not sound THAT bad. So the actual problem is you must buy a minimum of 100g.

their site: http://www.peters-teahouse.com/it/ warning: autoplay

Also I’d highly recommend going on Yelp for cities you’re going to be in and searching for tea rooms, ex: http://www.yelp.com/search?cflt=tea&find_loc=Firenze%2C+Toscana

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yyz said

I have been to Italy a number of times, I haven’t really bought tea there, to be quite honest I mostly had various forms of coffee and wine. However in one of the towns I spent a month in there was a really nice coffee shop that served tea with honey sticks and had a really nice presentation. One of the awesome things in Italy is that there is a law that if they serve alcohol food most be provided. Most of the time it is just crostini , but some places go all out. One place I went to with friends provided us with sandwiches, nuts and crisps when we bought a bottle of wine. As well many places serve a light buffet around happy hour. In the grocery stores I mostly saw herbals.

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