Your favorite online tea store to buy from and why?

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Chelle said

Butiki Tea and Red Leaf Tea have been awesome companies to order from and have fantastic quality products.
My first Verdant order has just been shipped and so far the process has been great.
I love the personnel feel of these smaller specialty shops, it’s great to see the companies interacting with their customers here on Steepster too.

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Hallieod said

Butiki Tea
Blue Lantern Tea
Pure Aroma Tea

All extremely good online shops. Stacy at Butiki and Jesse at Blue Lantern went out of their way to help me with getting tea shipped to Ireland, and were incredibly generous with samples and it was just lovely interacting with them. Pure Aroma is in Europe so no extra help with ordering needed, but they were great with responses when I emailed questions and I’ve been very happy with all my orders from them.

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TeaVivre said

Thanks so much for purchasing on our site, Whynotzoidberg. As for the shipping time, if you Choose:

China Post Air Mail: 22-30 Days (orders over $30 will be shipped free)
USPS First Class Mail International: 6-10 Days ($5.9 for each order)

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At the moment- Della Terra. I really like their sample packs. (Such a good way to try new varieties.) NMTC as well, for the nicely priced/ sized samples and quick shipping.

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sandra said

I am in the Netherlands, so most on line stores from America and Canada are no option due to incredible shipping issues/costs.
I order my Chinese teas at Teavivre, all other teas I order with nothing but tea, or with a local teamuseum that ships domestically for absolutely free.

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sansnipple said

Other than the obvious Verdant (for their incredible teas, and handwritten thank you note in every order), my other favorite is Yunnan Sourcing. Their loose black and green teas are top tier and super fresh with ridiculously cheap prices, packaging is great, and their pu-erh selection is unbeatable. But my favorite thing is their sample sizes. Where most online tea sellers give you a piddly 7 grams (good for barely more than one tasting) even when you’re paying for samples, All of Yunnan Sourcing’s samples are a generous 25g (almost a whole ounce!), enough for 5 or so sessions to enjoy and share and carefully ponder whether to buy a full cake at your own pace. AND they always throw in a couple of these 25g samples free in your order (and always seemingly the perfect ones). YS’s only downside is their shipping costs, but i suppose their overall low prices make up for it. 100g of fresh spring Dian Hong or Bi Luo Chun for ~$6? yes please.

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