Hey y’all,

I’ve got to admit, I’ve always been into dipping food into my tea. Biscotti, cookies, kit-kats, you name it. Since discovering Steepster and “nice teas” my viewpoints are starting to change. Suddenly I worry about those crumbs in my cup and wonder how much I’m changing the flavor.

Is anyone else a dunker like me? Is that a gross habit? Should I stop altogether? Are biscotti even edible without hot liquid? Is this a silly question?

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Dexter said

LOL I’m not a dunker, at least not in tea. Biscotti is not edible without hot liquid, I usually choose coffee.
Should you stop altogether, of course not. If it makes you happy keep doing it. Having discovered “nice teas” you may want to choose which teas you dunk and which you don’t. If you are having biscotti, make a tea that is “dunkable” (hmmm that’s not a word) and save the “GOOD TEA” for times what you can just sit and enjoy them. Balance is the key to everything. IMHO.

Balance! Perfect.

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ifjuly said

I do it sometimes, with impunity! But I guess that’s partly because the teas I tend to take cookies or pastry with tend to be robust, English Breakfast-type things that can handle it. I wouldn’t eat sweets with, say, Verdant White Jasmine (but maybe that’s my loss…). They’re the same kind of teas I don’t worry about adding milk and/or sugar to.

Doing what tastes good to you is always A-OK in my book.

Good idea — robust teas! Although I did dip a delicate almond cookie in my Verdant White Jasmine and it was heaven. I did not even mind the crumbs on that one.

ifjuly said

That actually sounds quite good and I never would’ve thought to do it! Almond and that clean linen-y jasmine aroma, yum.

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If you like to dunk, then dunk. :) For myself, I’d probably only dunk in English style teas where cream is added. All other teas are enjoyed plain. I’ve been known the enjoy biscotti dry. I also don’t drink with my meal. My husband thinks that’s weird.

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Toast said

Kit-Kats? Oh my. I may not be heard from for a few days…

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scribbles said

I do enjoy dunking (with my morning coffee…I know….WHAT?? COFFEE?!!)…usually cookies, and biscotti. If you can dunk with java, then you can dunk with tea. If you like it, then do it! I would be more inclined to dunk in a milky, sweetened black tea.

My opinion? No grossness…if you like it…DUNK with gusto!!

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Rie said

You should do what you like :D With full intent! ★
I don’t think most people would mind over Western tea, as long as double-dipping is avoided. And if someone wants to dip biscuits into tieguanyin, they should feel free to do so as long as they do so happily and intently/if they’ve given it due thought.

Also, Kit-Kats. I dedicated my recent 100th tasting note to Kit-Kats as a tea food… we need to spread the word about that beautiful tea food pairing!

Lilysmom said

Lol! Yes, Kit-Kats are the best! Spread the word!

Yes! I saw that and was thrilled I was not alone in my tea/kit-kat pairing. Thank you for posting that history lesson!

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I have biscuit teas and non biscuit teas. Usually lightly flavored blacks are my biscuit teas. I usually have my greens and oolongs alone with a few exceptions.

My favorite biscuit for dunking is a Biscoff. As I commented in Rie’s 100th note, I love kitkats too, but I never considered them dunking biscuits (I don’t like a melted chocolate coating).

Rie said

Your KitKat picture!! Post it here too (LOL).

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Uniquity said

I am a total non-dunker but that is a holdover from my childhood. I hate soggy crumbs in the bottom of my drink and I don’t really like to eat wet food (well, dry foods that become wet). It is unnatural for me, but I am super weird about my food! It took years before I would even allow foods to touch on my plate. I used to dunk oreos or chocolate chip cookies in milk even though I hate milk. The problem was then finding someone to drink the milk afterward!

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Do you still enjoy your tea?

Do you still enjoy your food?

If the answer to both is any form of HELL YEAH, then chillax. It’s all good.

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Chizakura said

Do what you like, who cares what other people think. :)

I don’t typically dunk myself, but I do like dunking homemade speculaas cookies in breakfast teas. :)

(I wonder if I’m the only one who enjoys gnawing on biscottis dry… Haha xD I’m weird)

I enjoy biscotti dry as well. :)

my husband eats biscotti’s dry. Its painful for my to watch him do it. Needless to say, I rarely offer him one if I happen to have any. haha :)

side note: I like biscottis with coffee, but not with tea.

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