Water Temperature

Recently I read something that boiling water and letting it sit until desired temperature is the best way to make tea. I have never really done this, seeing how my kettle automatically goes to a specific temperature, but I guess that the act of boiling changes the water chemistry, and I have seen some steeping times state boil the water and let it sit til whatever temperature. What is everyones thoughts on this?

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Chizakura said

Boiling water can taste flat to some palates, so most people who don’t have a variable kettle will watch the bubbles and stop the kettle then rather than letting it boil and cool off.

Personally, I don’t notice, so if I didn’t have a variable kettle, I’d probably just wait for it to cool after boiling.

So just experiment and see what suits you best. :)

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Uniquity said

I don’t actually notice a difference but for people who do it is generally preferred to use the water before the boil rather than after. Before I got my variable temp kettle I just boiled and let it sit x number of minutes to cool down. Took longer though, which was the main deterrent for me!

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