Sorry if I forgot about you...

I’ve been really sick and unable to drink tea, let alone do swaps or write about it! I’m finally getting the green light to drink tea again, just gotta do it slowly and not as much!

In the meantime, if we were supposed to swap teas and you didn’t receive a package from me yet, please PM me and I’ll work on them this weekend.

I know I owe at least two – one was recently returned from sender for some reason (we’re working on that one) and the other is ready to go, just haven’t been able to. Anyway, I don’t like being unreliable so if we said we’d swap and you haven’t heard anything from me lately, please PM me.

I will do an inventory of all my teas soon for a future swap, but I want to address any promised swaps first!

Thanks guys. And thanks for all the well wishes – I think I’m finally on the road to recovery!

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The important thing is that you get better. Tea reviews an swaps can come later. :)

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Get well. You can drink tea when you are better?

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Lala said

Glad to hear you are on your way to getting better! :)

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Thanks guys! I can start drinking tea again and did drink a few cuppas this weekend with no fallout, SO I’m back. @The Persimmon Tree – will review the final tea this week. Thanks for your patience!

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