Chad1 said

Summer Teas?

So far I have found only a couple of EXCELLENT teas that I drink cold. I’m extremely interested in hearing you’re favorites if you have one?

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teapot1 said

Chad1, There are so many! You should most definitely experiment with your stash. The list of thing in inventory that I don’t like iced is fewer that the ones that are tasty iced. Some favorites:
Butiki –
Cantaloupe & Cream
Watermelon X
Cameron’s -
Moroccan Mint (purchased 2lb of this super inexpensive, mixes great with others to create your own slightly minty goodness)
Teajo -
Lemon Ginger Sencha
Tropical Mango
Della Terra -
Lemon & Lime Chiffon
Verdant -
All (except laoshan black)
I’m leaving too many out, so I may come back!

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Strawberry-Kiwi make great iced tea.

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I’ll second Della Terra’s Lemon Chiffon, it’s amazing hot or cold. I drank that most of last week until I ran out.

I’m also partial to Rishi’s China Breakfast, it makes a great plain iced tea. It also resteeps well which over a summer saves you a bit of money. The first two steeps of this are really strong so I like to steep it a few times and mix them all together to mellow it out for my guests who don’t like a strong black tea.

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So many, but I’ll mention my go to or ones I found to be really good. I prefer fruity teas iced.

Blushing Geisha
Agua Di Jamaica

Della Terra:
Lemon Chiffon / Lemon Lime Tart
Peach Oolong

Butiki Teas:
Kamba Berry – Sooo good!
Watermelon X

Goji Pop
Strawberry Rhubarb Parfait

Lots! They do really good fruity teas.

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