summer/cold teas

I was just curious what everyone is excited to drink this summer. Where I live in Texas, it is currently 104 degrees and rising, sooo how about some summer/cold teas?

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Any of the chiffon/ creme rooibos blends from Della Terra. That’s what I’ll be drinking.

Some of those look really good, will you drinking them hot or cold?

Mostly as cold brews. (The lime chiffon is great that way.)

Kittenna said

I highly recommend both Lime Chiffon and Orange & Cream as cold-brews. (I haven’t personally tested Lemon Chiffon myself, but suspect it’s also quite good).

Andie select said

Oooh I’ll have to try a cold brew of what remains of my lime chiffon!

The orange and cream is really good with the chiffon teas. It tastes citrustastic.

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Nicole said

Della Terra’s Mellow Mango Peach, Mahamosa’s Mango Tropical Passion and Tea Forte’s Pomegranate Blackberry will stay in my iced tea pitcher most of the summer. Not a huge fan of hot fruit teas, but iced, I love them!

Sounds great! Do you sweeten them? I am curious because I have not ventured outside hot, straight teas.

Nicole said

I do not sweeten anything but chai. Those all are good enough for me without sugar. I can’t see where they would be hurt by it though if you like that Sweet Tea you folks down south indulge in. :)

Hahaha I would hardly call what most people drink down here tea, but I may try it

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Andie select said

I’ve just recently started cold brewing and my fiance and I have been really enjoying some plain sencha this way. But I’m looking forward to finding some more exciting teas to cold brew. So much more convenient than pouring hot tea over some ice!

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I’ll drink almost anything cold, but basically anything fruity. I flash chill though, I don’t have the patience to wait & the weather can fluctuate here from 5 degrees one day to near 30 the next, so flash chilling works best for me.

Lala said

What do you mean by “flash chilling”?

Pouring the hot tea over ice.

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Katiek said

I have to agree that fruit and berry fflavored teas are my teas of choice during hot weather and almost always as iced tea. I’ve got a couple different brands that I’ll choose depending on my mood (and what is open and handy), but my “go to” flavors are peach/apricot, passionfruit, currant and raspberry, but I’ll mix in pear, lemon/lime, blackberry, blueberry or just about any other fruit or berry around. I generally pick flavored black teas for iced teas, but some herbals or berry flavored rooibos are regular picks too.

Della Terra, Tea Source, Tea Forte, Harney, Den’s Tea, Kusmi and Davids are some of my top picks, but I just ordered some of the different fruit mixes from Eastern Shore.

Thanks! I’ll look some of those up.

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Any green rooibos blend is terrific iced – Peach Picnic from The Persimmon Tree, the varieties from Adagio, Green & Fruity and Swampwater from David’s Tea. Also, to toot my own horn, Pink Pearls (my blend) and Vampire Lemonade (Adagio signature blend) are good too! I’m drinking Vampire Lemonade iced right now! :)

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How about Green Pomegranate, Green Pineapple, or Fruit Fusion. All great iced teas for the summer :)

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