pu-erh of the day. Sheng or Shou

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2016 raw Lao man er

Sweet, bitter, thick. Cooling out the nose. Loooooong aftertaste – drank a cup of aged white as a chaser to take the (actualy rather light) edge off, and afterwords could still taste the LME. The tea has one ‘fatal flaw’ though. Pu-erh.sk’s LME is better, and worth the price.

Dragoran said

I finally got back to the Sheng Olympiad today, giving the 200X “A” a try. Wet stored, but a very good example of such. I followed that up with a sample of the Mr. Feng FD from EoT that I purchased recently, as the savoriness of the middle steeps of the A brought it to mind. It struck me as much less savory than the first time I had it (though the aroma was still somewhat miso-y and some savoriness was present), with some bright citrus notes fairly obvious. Both are pretty excellent teas.

2017 Gushu Raw from the W2T teaclub (mengsong, iirc).

I’m in a rather good mood today, so I’m going to describe this tea in a positive light.

Compression: Unlike W2T’s Brother/Sister bricks, this tea isn’t compressed so hard as to be undrinkable, just hard enough to cause a small mountain of dust and make me fear for my fingertips.

Smell: Unlike W2T’s Pin, this tea has the benefit of not smelling like urine. Actually, last I checked, the Pin has progressed nicely, and no longer smells of urine. Double win!

Taste: Unlike W2T’s 2016 Bronzed Diaphragm, which was so rough on the stomach that I has to stop halfway through my session, this tea is merely boring, which allows me to drink a few more cups before giving up.

Psyck said

Too bad that once you finished articulating those glowing tributes to that exceptional tea, you couldn’t get around to enumerating any of its negative characteristics.

Yang-chu said

So, I’m presently having the ‘06 Xiaguan Gold Thread tuo. This is the fifth Xiaguan tuo I’ve tried. Both productions of the Dali Tuo production I can get with. This one falls into the latter category, I’m afraid. It’s not as bad as the Nanzhao tuo or the Red Chamber, the latter I’m chalking up to still needing time, thinking optimistically. However, the Nanzhao and the Gold Thread share traits that I had chalked up for “storage.” It’s not. They’re from different vendors neither providing other items that gave me pause about storage conditions. Both the Nanzhao and the Gold Thread smell like foot. The Nanzhao tuo is undrinkable. The Gold Thread is drinkable, with hints of fruit, tobacco, ashtray, and minerals. Nice and sudsy. Decent storage with a deep brown color. Interestingly, the Nanzhao cake is great. The Dali Tuo are too. As far as raw smoky productions, I feel Haixintang makes the best.

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