Summer tea party!

Had our “welcome back summer” tea party today at work. Not many of us available this time due to lots of looming deadlines. I have one myself, but decided to blow it off for an hour. Really needed a break.

We had chicken salad with pecans on croissants, goat cheese with pecans & pimiento cheese double decker sandwiches, pastrami with watercress on rye, strawberry shortcakes, banana bread, palmiers and raspberry scones. I had intended to have more fruit things, but who knew that kiwis were acidic enough to pretty much liquify chicken salad?? And I got up too late to make blueberry & raspberry scones so I had to make do with the frozen raspberry ones I had prepped already.

For teas we had Rose Violet Calendula Oolong from Butiki (went over well except for the two who didn’t care for florals), Cherry Almond Gunpowder from 52 Teas (which made them sad that it wasn’t available anymore), Cream Earl Grey from Capital Teas (EGs are always a hit), Jasmine Peony Flower Rosette from Mahamosa (one lady asked where to get some after the tea) and Walter Bishop Honeybush from 52 Teas which we had iced from an overnight cold brewing. That was my alternative to hot tea and I didn’t feel like making a punch this time. The lone only-iced-tea drinker in the bunch really liked it, as did everyone else.

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Sil select said

Um Nicole….what have I told you about advance notice so that we can all come!

Looks fabulous as always!

Thanks, Sil :)

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teapot1 said

Nicole, That looks amazing!!! What a treat for your co-workers, they must love you…Sounds like a really fun time.

Job security. If I feed them they’ll keep me around. ;)

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Wow. That looks fantastic. I’d consider doing this at my own work, if my co-workers weren’t a group of lazy bums. Lol!
I love that little white teapot with the pink flowers in the center of the table. Where’d you get it, if you don’t mind me asking?

That is Tea Forte’s Pugg teapot. It’s been on sale for $20 lately. :)

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gmathis said

You make it look easy and beautiful! I’d make it look unappetizing and impossible ;)

Practice makes … Closer to perfect ;)

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Josie Jade said

So pretty!

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Alysha said

Wow that looks amazing. I wanna work there!!

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ashmanra said


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