Chuckieroy said

Another Traveling Tea Box?!?!?!

Hey everyone! I unfortunately have never been apart of a traveling tea box :( So I decided to start one myself. Im about to move and can’t take most of my teas with me. I would much rather share it with people rather than leave it abandoned in a cabinet. the box is 11.25 in x 8.75 in x 4 in (and is packed to the brim!)

This Tea Box will be for US only (Sorry gotta keep the costs down)

The Basics: I will send out a box filled with all types of different teas (mainly Teavana, Harney and sons, 52teas, and some matcha). It goes to the next person on the list. That person can take out out whatever they want, so long as they replace it with items that are the same approximate weight (so shipping doesn’t vary too much). Then they send the box along to the next person on the list.

Some rules or guidelines:

-Please only participate if you are willing to be a good sport and be fair with what you take out/put back in. For example: Don’t take the most expensive stuff and then replace it with the cheapest tea you can find. Honor system here folks.

-Please only participate if you are serious about this.

-Make sure things are labeled as well as they can be (Ingredients, Name of tea, Where it is from.)

-Please try to keep the box no longer than a week – week and a half.

-I will include a little journal thing so you can write in what you took and what you put in. It will be fun to know the different teas that were in the box. Also you can use it as a taste log as well. Draw pictures, write poetry/ short stories, whatever you feel like doing.

If you are interested please comment on here with your state so I can try to figure out the cheapest way to connect everyone. I can’t promise everyone will get to be involved. And I plan to have it sent sometime next week :)

Once I get enough people I will compile a list and post it on here. Or if there are too many people I will have to cut it down a bit. Looking at having anywhere between 10 and 15 people.

Since this is my first time doing it let me know if you think I left any important info out :)

Yay I’m excited!!!

List in order (it kinda zig zags across the states)
1. Chelle- Alabama
2. Emilie- Texas
3. Wheezybee- Texas
4. AureliaFish- California
5. BrewTEAlly Sweet- California
6. TastyBrew- Oregon
7. Shelley_Lorraine- Wyoming
8. Fiddling- Kansas
9. Darby- Minnesota
10. moraiwe- Wisconsin
11. Short Sorceress- Wisconsin
12. Shadowfall- Illinous
13. Martine- Maryland
14. Dr Jim- Massachusetts
15. Ellyn- Massachusetts
16. Fuzzy_Peachkin- New York
17. MelissaTea- New York
18. Back to me (Chuckieroy)- New York

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Nice to see another box started! I won’t ask to join this one.. I’ll let others have a chance! It’s a nice idea to start a tea box before you move… then you’ll have new teas at your new place. I wish this box luck!

Chuckieroy said

Thanks for the luck!

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I’d totally be interested in participating in this one since I keep missing out on participating in the others.
I’m in Illinois.

What Short Sorceress said below reminds me, I’ll be out of town as well July 8th – 12th. Just so that that can be taken into account.

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This sounds like fun! Count me in! I’m in NY.

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I’d love to take part in this one as long as the box doesn’t come to me the last week in June/first week in July since I’ll be out of town. I’m in WI.

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moraiwe said

I’m also in WI and would love to be part of this!

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OMG a traveling tea box! (its a big deal if I actually use “omg” as that is really not like me. haha!) I have been wanting to be a part of that fun since I first joined steepster.

I am in Wyoming. I hope I get to be included!! (^^)

ETA: I’ll be around all summer

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oh i’d love to be a part of this! i’ve been wanting to be part of one of these things since i found this website (admittedly not too long ago). i’m a rookie here on steepster but i hope i can participate! i love in california :)

Hey for some reason I can’t PM you…but I’m planning on sending the traveling tea box c your way tomorrow. Does that work for you?

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wheezybee said

I would love to be part of this! I’m in Dallas, TX.

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Dr Jim said

I’d be interested. I’m in Massachusetts.

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Chelle said

I would love to be included in this too! I’m in Huntsville, Alabama.

August 19-27 is the only week that won’t work for me due to being out of town.

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