Another Traveling Tea Box?!?!?!

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Chuckieroy said

Hey everyone! Sorry for the delay. There was a death in the family, but we have everything sorted out now. I will mail the box once I get to NC either tomorrow or friday. I have followed everyone in the group, if you have not already please follow me and send me a message with you address. Looking forward to this!

And I’m sorry to hear about the death in your family. Best wishes to all your loved ones!

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Audra said

Is this still open? If so, I’d love to be on the list! I’m in Pensacola.

Chuckieroy said

Hey Audra, Sorry I already have to list ready to go. But as long as it makes it back to me it will go back out again and you will be on the list for the next journey :)

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Chuckieroy said

Another update on the box! 1. I had to get a bigger box for everything to fit in (lots and lots of tea) 2. I wanted to list everything that is in here and when you receive the box you can list what you took and what you put in :) a few are samples but most of these are at least 1 oz of tea

The box includes the following teas:

Caramel Black
Cocomint Green
Vanilla Green
White pear
White Blueberry
White Tropics
White Peach

California Tea House:
Bedtime Chai herbal tea

Republic of Tea:
Cherry Chocolate Tea
Watermelon Mint Iced Tea

ESP Emporium:
Exotic Fruit
Red Vinyard
Ginsing Berry
Organic Finally Summer
Mango Yoghurt
Fruit Bowl

Harney and Sons
Dong Ding Light
Top Ti Quan Yin
Fanciest Formosa Oolong

Precious White Peach
Moroccan Mint
Peach Tranquility
Iced Princess
Zingiber Ginger Coconut

Tin Roof Teas
Oolong Shalimar
Sencha Claus
Arabian Night
Rooibos Panna Cotta Rhubarb Cream

52 Teas
Red Velvet Cake Mate
S’mores Genmaicha
Coconut Cheesecake Honeybrush

Della Terra
Oatmeal Raisin Cookie

Red Leaf Tea
Cookies and Cream White matcha
(possibly some other Matchas)

Unknown Tea Store
Pumpkin Pie Herbal
Passion Fruit Black tea
Happy Tea

That sounds scrumptious!

Question: If we do not want to take the entire 1 oz sample, can we take part and replace it with the equal amount of something.

Chuckieroy said

That is exactly correct :)

Those sound yummy. Can you give us an idea how much it cost to ship the box? I want to make sure I have enough money left in my “sending tea to people on steepster” budget by the time in comes to me.

Chuckieroy said

Yes, I will list on here the price once I send it :)

Fiddling said

Sounds yummy!

In the long run, the best option will probably be to use a USPS flat rate priority box. The medium box is 11″ × 8.5″ × 5.5″ (there’s also a 13-5/8″ × 11-7/8″ × 3-3/8" option) and costs $12 for 2-3 day shipping. Parcel post takes about a week and will cost $10-$14 for 5lbs or $15-25 for 10lbs depending on how far away you’re shipping it.

You can calculate postage costs here:

Any update on the order the box is being sent?

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MelissaTea said

What a wonderful selection of teas!

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ifjuly said

I am so sad I missed this—was out of town the last 10 days. :( I finally feel like I’ve got enough varied tea to be an ok participant. Maybe next time…I do love reading these posts!

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Any update on the list to see where we stand?
I can’t wait!

I second this motion!

yes, I want to know too! :)

Giving this another curious bump. Has this been started on its way yet?

moraiwe said

Another curious bumper here!

Chuckieroy said

Hey everyone… SO SORRY! I did not realize that my rehearsal process for this show would be all day long. I have 12 hour days and by time rehearsal is over the post office is closed…. and our day off is sunday and the post office is closed then too! But the show opens on monday so I will have some free time during the days to get it sent out. Again sorry for it being so late, but it will be in the mail soon! :)

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any update if this was up and started yet..?

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Giving this another bump to the top. Though I’m wondering if it’s been cancelled at this point?

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Ovy Ortega said

I would love to do this, New Orleans Louisiana here. How do we begin?

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Has anyone heard anything from Chuckieroy? It’s been a long time! :/

I haven’t heard anything new except for his last post above from over two weeks ago. That’s why I gave this another bump so the topic isn’t lost. We’ll just have to keep our fingers crossed I guess.

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