Another Traveling Tea Box?!?!?!

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wheezybee said

Has anyone heard anything new?

darby select said

Nope, I don’t think he has time to start it right now…think he said something about doing a show.

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Just giving this another bump.

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Dr Jim said

As I suspect is true of all of us, I’ve been following this thread for the last two months, hoping for the return of ChuckieRoy. I’m losing hope, and rather than just give up, I thought I would suggest an alternative. I’m not willing to make quite as big a commitment as ChuckieRoy, but I’ve sorted through my stash and believe that I could provide close to 2 pounds of tea for an alternate travelling tea box.

I have approximately two ounces each of: English Tea Store Vanilla Rooibos; Teavana Golden Monkey; Teavana Black Dragon Pearls; Teavana Earl Grey Cream; Mountain Tea Company Jin Xuan (Gr) Milk oolong; Harney & Sons Irish Breakfast tea; Harney & Sons Florence; EnjoyingTea Provence Rooibos; and EnjoyingTea Wuyi Rock Tea.

About 1 oz each of the following: Teavana Cococaramel Sea Salt; Harney & Sons Black Currant ; Harney & Sons Vanilla Comoro; Harney & Sons Decaf Earl Grey; Della Terra Autumn Leaves.

About ½ oz of each of the following: teavana Lemon Lime Kampai; English Tea Store Godiva Rooibos; David’s Teas Long Life Oolong, Love Tea #7, Ceylon Star and Read My Lips; Adagio Blueberry, Adagio Guanabana, and 52 teas Maple and Brown Sugar Oatmeal.

Two questions:
1. This is significantly smaller than originally proposed. Is it still worth doing?
2. I tend to drink a lot of decaf, but I know a lot of people don’t. Should I reduce (or increase) the decaf/Rooibos component?

If people like the idea of the new tea box, I will collect names and addresses via PM and then mail the box to the person after me on the list (Ellyn) and we can then just follow the list in the current order.

Please reply here or PM me if you are still interested. I think we should probably skip over ChuckieRoy, since he’s been out of touch for so long. About half the group is already following me, and I’ve started to follow everyone.

Also, feel free to make further suggestions.

oh no, this sounds lovely! i think it’s really wonderful you’re going to get this box going :)) i think everything sounds great; there’s a good variety. i’m definitely still interested!

I’m interested in this alternate box too! I’ll follow you now :)

I think that sounds wonderful, thank you!

Sounds great. I’d be interested. Are we reshuffling the order or going with the one we have?

I was thinking about proposing this a month ago but I did not have the inventory to start it. This sounds great! I can’t wait! Thank you!

wheezybee said

I’m interested! As per your questions… 1) Yes!!! and 2) I’m very interested in caffeine-free teas, and would love to see them included. Thank you so much for getting this going again!

Fiddling said

You can count me in! :)

MelissaTea said

Add me as well.
Thanks for taking this on.

moraiwe said

I’m still interested in being a part of this! I’ll follow you now :)

Sorry it took me so long to reply! I’ve been on vacation. I would love to take part!

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Ellyn select said

I am stil interested!

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Dr Jim said


We have a quorum. I’ve heard from everyone except: Chelle, TastyBrew, Darby, Martine, and ChuckieRoy.

I’m hoping to ship the box later this week. It’s all packed, but I’d like to add an address list and ship order, which is still up in the air. If I don’t hear from everyone I’ll go ahead and send the box out. I know this is the time of year when people disappear to cottages, tents, etc. without internet access. I’ve had positive responses from the next 3 people on the list, so figure we can get started without the last few responses (but I’ve only received 2 shipping addresses to date).

My plan was to just start at my position on the list and then go from there, so the order would start Ellyn, Fuzzy_Peachkin, MelissaTea, and then Chelle (who I haven’t heard from yet).

However, from previous responses, Emilie and Chelle were planning August vacations, so we might need to change the order a bit. I suspect that others are taking time off this month as well. Please let me know if you have any vacation plans in the next two months. When I get these responses, plus addresses, I’ll update the order, but the original order seemed to look pretty good in terms of minimizing shipping distance, so I won’t make substantial changes.

Please PM me your address so I can add the list to the box. Also include any (known) vacation plans.

Dr Jim

darby select said

I’m in!

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Chuckieroy said

Hey everyone! I am so so sorry about this, I really thought I was going to have some more free time, I am writing you from rehearsal right now. Our rehearsals are from about 8 in the morning till 8 at night with very little time for breaks (just able to eat) I have had the box in my trunk to try to get it sent out for probably the past 3 weeks. I want to apologize and thank the person who is setting up an alternate box. If you set up a list and send yours out I could try to send mine starting from the opposite side and we could have 2 boxes out at one time. You do not need to include me in the list at this time because as you see sometimes I just disappear and I am also moving around quite a bit. (I just got another show to do after this one closes) But I want to get this box out so the tea doesn’t go to waste. again I apologize, If I would have known I was going to be this busy I wouldn’t have started this discussion. thanks for your patience

That is sooooo generous of you and would be amazing!!!! I can’t wait to see where I fall on the list and am so excited for this group to start! Thank you for starting the idea though and thank you for getting back in touch! :) wish you could b apart of it but good luck with your shows!

Dr Jim said

Well, I’m known locally for my impatience :)

At this point, I think it makes sense to go with both boxes. My only concern is that it would be nice if we could space them out a bit better, since there are only a couple of names between where I sit on the list and the top.

I don’t like the idea of going in opposite directions because this means that someone will wind up with both boxes a the same time, which sounds great, but I think would be stressful, trying to taste all that tea while not delaying the shipment too much.

My best thought is to start my box at my location going UP the list (so Martine is next – Sorry Ellyn). If Chuckieroy also sends his box in this direction (start with Melissatea), and assuming a bit more delay on his part, then the two boxes will be more or less evenly spaced.

We could also move Martine to the bottom of the list (first on Chuckieroy’s list) in order to provide a bit more separation without losing the geographic distribution.

What do the rest of you think?

Which would be me. I would have them both at the same time. I counted:) And was wondering how that would work. i wouldn’t mind starting the other box:) and going up:)

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Dr Jim said

Here is my proposed revision to the travelling tea box schedule. I’ve basically turned Chuckieroy’s list upside down and moved Martine to between NY and MA. I’ll plan to send my box to Shadowfall first, and then it can just go down the list. I’d suggest that Chuckieroy start with MelissaTea, and move in the same direction. With luck, the two boxes will maintain good separation.

The list also shows current status. I haven’t heard from two people yet (not bad for a random week in the summer), and have about half of the addresses. I’ll wait until Friday, but don’t feel the need to get all the info before we start.

Shadowfall- Illinois Yes
Short Sorceress- Wisconsin Yes
moraiwe- Wisconsin No address
Darby- Minnesota No address
Fiddling- Kansas Yes
Shelley_Lorraine- Wyoming No address
TastyBrew- Oregon No Response
BrewTEAlly Sweet- California Yes
AureliaFish- California Yes
Wheezybee- Texas Yes
Emilie- Texas No address
Chelle- Alabama No address
Chuckieroy- New York No address
MelissaTea- New York No address
Fuzzy_Peachkin- New York Yes
Martine- Maryland No Response
Ellyn- Massachusetts No address
Dr Jim- Massachusetts Yes

I’d hate to be a noodge, but is there any way to not be first on the list? >> Mostly because I don’t have the money right now (car stuffs) to be able to send it back on its way right away after I get it. Maybe after Darby if that’s alright? I’ll have money by then.

Dr Jim said

Sure. The idea was just to get all the mid-west people together. we could put you after Fiddling. However, then I only have an address for the first person on the list (Short Sorceress) so I may move Fiddling to next on the list (unless I get more addresses.

moraiwe said

I just sent you my address maybe 10 minutes ago. :) Did you get it?

Fiddling said

Feel free to move me around as needed. Thanks again for getting things started!

Sounds good. I just said after Darby since I’d be closer than Fiddling after her, but whatever works. Lol. More time for me to get money together. ^^ Any idea on how much this is going to cost?
And do you think we should make a new topic for this box so it’s separate from Chuckieroy? Or keep it here since it’s the same list of people?

Dr Jim said

I’ve now got addresses for the first five people for my box. In order: Short Sorceress, Moraiwe, Darby, Fiddling, and Shadowfall. This is enough to start it on its way.

I don’t really have an opinion on 1 list or two. There are advantages and disadvantages either way.

I’ve no idea about postage cost but will let you know after I mail it. I’m hoping less than $10.

Sounds great! Thanks again, Dr Jim!

Dr Jim said

Travelling Tea box A is up to 500 posts. Two separate threads sounds like a good idea to me. We can cross-post as required. I’ll start a new thread when I mail the box. I’ll use the boring title:

Travelling Tea Box C

Dr Jim It’s fine if you start with me, but I’m on vacation right now and don’t have anyone watching for packages since I wasn’t expecting any. What day to you you plan on starting the box? I want to make sure I’ll be home in time to receive it.

Dr Jim – You could call it the Travelling Tea Box of Awesome? Lol!

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Do I need to send my address to you Dr. Jim, or wait until the person before me needs it and send it to them instead?

Dr Jim said

I’m trying to get as many addresses as I can so I can include them inside the box. From the discussion so far, I expect there may be some changes in order as we go through the process.

okie dokie, I sent you a pm with my address. :)

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Skysamurai said

Is it possible to still get in on this? I joined Steepster about 2 months ago looking for more tea and more people like myself who love tea and thus far I think this site is amazing! I have lot’s of tea I would love to share as well!

Dr Jim said

It’s really too late for this box. We already have a few more people than is optimal. I just saw a notice for a new box, so why don’t you try with them?

Artp said

Skysamurai: I’m looking to start one up

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Dr Jim said

I mailed the box this morning. I’ve started a new thread for this box, called Travelling Tea Box C (sorry for being boring). Of course we will all need to continue on this thread for the other box.

Hooray!!!! I cannot wait!

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