Another Traveling Tea Box?!?!?!

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So I’m all ready to send the box off. Sorry for the delay. My work schedule got all changed around and by the time I got off work, the post office was closed. But it’ll go out today.
Overall I had tons of fun with this box. Didn’t try quite as many as I had originally picked out, but I tried all the ones that I definitely wanted to and actually found 2 green teas that I like. Lol.

I ended up taking the Bouddha Blue, 2/3 of Fruit Bowl, 1 packet of Pancake Breakfast, & Fleur de Geisha. I finished off Blue of London & Acai Tangerine, along with sampling a handful of other teas.

I added Scottish Caramel Toffee Puerh (2 or 3 servings?), Sunrise Sensation (1 Serving), Graveyard Mist (2 or 3 servings?), Chocolate Almond Delight (5 or so servings?), Chocolate Peppermint Patty (2 or so servings?), Three Friends (3 tsp), Pineapple Tea (5 tsp), Vanilla Caramel (5 tsp), Momoko (10 tsp), Castleton Darjeeling (5 or so servings?/16g), Chocolate Chip (10 servings?), Blueberry Purple Tea (1 or 2 servings?).

I’m not exactly sure of how much of each I added to be honest. It all equaled out to what I took, but I was using a few different measures and I can’t remember exact amounts since I didn’t end up writing them down. Lol. The Chocolate Chip & Purple teas I’ve had around so I tossed those in if anyone wanted to give them a try. And I also tossed in 4 packets of Lipton’s Tea & Honey Blackberry Pomegranate if anyone wanted to try them. I got them thinking they’d be good for me to use at work for a quick drink, but the flavor just doesn’t agree with me. Too strong no matter how I water it down, so maybe someone else will enjoy them more.

Thanks for letting me participate. Again, sorry for the delay. I’ll message Fiddling when I ship it out with the tracking number.

Box was shipped off today. Fiddling has the tracking #.

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Fiddling said

I picked up the box this morning from central mail, and it is HUGE! I’m estimating that there are about 80 types of loose leaf to sample. I was able to quickly eliminate about 30 teas that I’ve tried before or are types that I’m not a fan of, but that still leaves a large number of teas to try. I have doubts I’ll be able to sample everything before I need to send the box to Shelley, but I’ll do my best.

Here’s everything laid out on a table:


Here’s what I’d like to sample:

Lala said

Wow! That’s a lot of tea! Do you have a conference room solely dedicated to tea? Ha ha. That is what is looks like.

Fiddling said

I opened up the box in the storage/junk room next to my office because I was too embarrassed to lay all this tea out on my desk! My advisor likes to tease me about all the “weed” I keep at my desk.

Isaila said

^once I brought a bag of looseleaf into a peer leading session and my peer leader tried to subtly ask what it was. Then I told her to smell it, and she realized that weed doesn’t usually smell of bergamot…

MelissaTea said

LOL! I was thinking some of those baggies could be confused with other stuff.

ah gee what a small world – I see swap samples a gave out a few months ago in the black foil bags. Some stuff is hard to get rid of! haha.

/embaressed look/ Those are probly from me Shelley. They ended up not being to my tastes.
Also I apologize for the strange foil wrapped samples I put in. I don’t trust the scent locking ability of the ziplock bags I use no matter how Much I layer it. Lol.. But I haven’t yet picked up any of those nifty ziptop bags that I see other people using….though they’re on my upcoming list of things to buy.

well i don’t blame you, they weren’t to my taste either! :)

Fiddling said

I thought the foil was a great idea, Shadowfall! It might not look pretty, but it certainly does the job. I’d rather have my tea taste the way it should than have it be in a pretty package.

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I received the the box today. I don’t have pictures for you this time, sorry! I’m so busy writing papers for school and worrying that I won’t get everything done before the end of the semester.

Anyway, I did sort through the box and selected the teas that I wish to sample. I’ll be posting my tasting notes along the way, as usual. Updating the paper spreadsheets in the box feels like a bother to me as I’m feeling lazy about doing anything that isn’t going to be graded, but I will post what I add/take to the forum. I hope that is ok!

Wow. I didn’t even know Fiddling had sent it out already. Lol.

yep, it was all speedy and completed behind the scenes :p

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Fiddling said

Hey guys, sorry I was MIA on this thread. I had a lot of fun with the box, but it was a bit daunting trying to work through it all. I had set aside around 30 teas, but only had the chance to sample 20 of them, so ended up removing 1-2 tsp of the rest.

I was in a rush to send the box off before leaving for the holidays. Packing and getting everything ready was a bit hectic since I’m also getting married this week.

I added a list of everything that I added to the box, but from memory I added:

Verdant Tea – Laoshan Black, Sample -1 tsp
52Teas – Stone Fruit White Tea, 3-4 tsp
52Teas – Cuba Libre Black Tea, ~1oz.
Butiki Teas – Mango Lassi Rooibos, 3-4 tsp
Harney & Sons – Cherry Blossom Green Tea, 4 sachets
Harney & Sons – Holiday Tea, ~3oz.
Simpson & Vail – Strawberry Cupake Black Tea, 3-4tsp
DAVIDsTEA – Ceylon Star, ~1oz.
Teavana – Guava Papaya Passion White Tea, ~1oz.

Hope you all have fun with the box. I definitely did!

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I’m finished with the box and ready to send it out on Monday, but i’m waiting to hear back from BrewTEAlly Sweet to make sure she’s still participating. I know she was recently selling much of her stash and had to drop out of one of the secret Turkey swap rounds, so I want to make sure before I send the box to her.

Finished Off:
Upton – Tindharia Estate FTGFOP1 First Flush (DJ-12) Organic Darjeeling (TD12)

Art of Tea – Cinnamon Fig
Georgia Tea Co. – Rocky Horror Spice
Harney&Sons – Holiday Tea
Harney&Sons – Cherry Blossom
Ovation Teas – Chocolate Raspberry Mint
Simpson&Vail – Strawberry Cupcake
Upton – TD33 Thurbo Estate FTGFOP1 Cl. 2nd Flush (DJ-148)
Upton – Gopaldhara Est. FTGFOP1 Cl Queen 1st Flush DJ-34 TD-36
Upton – Tindharia Est. FTGFOP1 1st Flush (DJ-12) Organic Darjeeling (TD12)
Utopia – Roasted Almond Cookie

Removed From Box:
Steenberg Organics Bai Mu Dan

Added to Box:
Mountain Mint Chocolate – Timblewood Teas
Cowboy Creamsicle – Tumblewood Teas
Pomiscus – Della Terra
Cranberry Autumn – Harney & Sons
Mi Xian Black – Butiki Teas
Jin Jun Mei – Yezi Teas
Kenilworth Ceylon – Harney & Sons
Mint Verbena – Harney & Sons

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Update: I sent the box off to BreTEAlly Sweet today. :)

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I got the ginormous box today!!!!! :)

woo hoo! glad it got there.

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Hey everyone! I’ve had the box ready to sip but for some reason steepster hasn’t been letting me message aureliafish. She hasn’t added a tasting note in 5 months… Anyone talked to her recently or can get in contact with her for me please I need her address..:/ if not I’ll be sending it to wheezybee :)

Dr Jim said

She says she’s got too much else going on at the moment so send it to Wheezybee.

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wheezybee said

I’m looking forward to it!

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Dr Jim said

Any status on this box? Last post was around 20 December.

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