Another Traveling Tea Box?!?!?!

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Emilie said

I’ve sent out the box. khamilton611, I can’t message you so here’s the tracking: 9505 5000 2068 4163 0003 53

I’ve been looking at the usps site, but the number isn’t coming up. What is the estimated arrival date?

Emilie said

I’m at work now, but I will check it for you later today. I dropped it off yesterday, so it should have been processed by now. I may have just mistyped the number

Emilie said

Yep, one number was off!
Here is the real one: 9505 5000 2068 4163 0004 53


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Got it!

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Dr Jim said

Looking at the vacation discussion, Khamilton611 will need to mail the box before 22 June, but TraceyC won’t be back until 26 June. This leaves a gap. Would flyawaybirdie be willing to move ahead of TraceyC?

Any other vacations we should worry about? It’s that time of year!

I’ve got one coming up July 16-19th. I would think it’ll get to me long before then, and I can always take the box with me since it’s just ‘camping’ (in a cabin) so I’ll have my kettle. XD

Dr Jim said

Shadowfall: I think your vacation is short enough we should be able to work around it. It wouldn’t surprise me though if you get the box after you get back.

That’s what I figured, which was why I didn’t mention it when putting my name in for this box in the beginning. But I figured it wouldn’t hurt to mention it now anyway. ^^

I would be willing to move ahead if TraceyC doesn’t mind. The 22nd is a Sunday so there probably won’t be any mail on that day. I’ll be back in town on the 23rd and ready to receive packages. =)

I would not mind at all. I will be back the 26th, so after you sample I’ll be ready to receive the package. Thanks for making this work and still let me participate.

Dr Jim said

OK. It’s official. We’ll change the order to KHamilton611, Flyawaybirdie, then TraceyC. Shadowfall is next, and the conversation above shows that TraceyC will need to be a bit sensitive to timing, but it should work out.

Alright, sounds good. I’ll be sending the box on, probably Friday or Saturday (of course, it will have to be before Sunday!)

khamilton611 Could you shoot me a message? I don’t remember if all the addresses are in the box but Steepster is being a bit wonky for me and won’t let me message you.

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I’ve got the box! </>Happy Dance</>

Here’s my final lineup. I’ll ship it out to TraceyC tomorrow or Tuesday, depending on when I can get to the post office if that’s OK with her?

DavidsTEA- Cheeky Lychee (s)
Tearex- Apple Jade (k)
Tealux- Vanilla Green (s)
Simple loose leaf- sweet peach white (f)
Della Terra- Hawaiian Dreams (s)
52teas- Champagne Mojito (k)
Hawaiian Islands- pineapple Waikiki (f)

52teas: Orange Pineapple Honeybush
(?): Nannuoshan Pu’erh
Teaguys- chocolate Mint Rooibos
Golden Sail- Lichee Black
Zen Teas- Coconut Green
Teaguys- Fruity Sangria

I may have added more in weight than I took out. Sorry! Does anyone mind if I stuck a partial bag of Adagio’s tea cookies in there?

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I received the box today. There are lots and lots of teas in here. I have not started tasting any of the tea, but the teacher in me had me cataloging what was in there. On the list, I highlighted the teas that have been finished or were kept. I noticed that there are some teas listed that are no longer in here, even though they are not listed as finished or kept. I will post a list of the teas that aren’t in here and I will start taste testing tomorrow.

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I am not sure if some of these teas were taken out before the box was sent out for this round or somewhere along the way, but they are no longer in the box. They are not marked anywhere on the list as finished or kept. Maybe someone sampled the teas listed and forgot to mark them as finished. Here is the long list of missing teas:
?? – Royal Garden
52 teas – Dreamsicle Puerh
52 teas – Malted Chocomate
Adagio – Gingerbread
Adagio – Hojicha
Art of Tea – Cinnamon Fig
Butiki – Blueberry Purple Tea
Catherine’s Corner – Peach Oolong
Culinary Teas – Vanilla Cream
Della Terra – Chocolate Dipped Apple
Della Terra – Chocolate Orange Delight
Della Terra – Pomiscus
Della Terra – Raisin Oatmeal Cookie
Dori’s Tea Cottage – Black Currant
Georgia Tea Co. – Rocky Horror Spice
Gold Leaf – Jasmine
Handmade Tea – Seed Harvest
Harney & Sons – Boston
Harney’s – Kenilworth Ceylon
Herbal Infusions – Key Lime Coconut
Jamestown Teas Treasure Island
Lupicia – Momoko
Mariage Freres – Marco Polo
Pekko Teas – Blue Eyes
Red Leaf – Earl Grey Puerh
Serendipitea – Monk’s Mead
Simple Loose Leaf – 2nd Flush Darjeeling
Teance – Red PLum
Teavana – Iced Princess
Teavana – Moroccan Mint
Thunderbolt – Giddapahar Musk 2nd fl
Tin Roof Teas – Oolong Shalimar
Virtuous Teas – Candy Cane
Wegman’s? – Blood Orange Tisane
Wegman’s? – Jasmine Pearls
Wegman’s – Lapsam Souchong
Zhena’s Gypsy – Caramel Chai
Adagio – Blackberry
Java Tea Co – The Revolutionary
Verdant – Bai Mu Dan
Teatalia – Tulsi Infusion Tea
Teavivre – Orange White Peony

If you remember taking any of these teas out of the box or finishing them, let me know and I will mark them off on our record sheets.

These teas are in the box, but not on our record sheet:
David’s – Chocolate Orange
Della Terra – Swiss Mountain
Della Terra – Walnut Brittle
ESP – Finally Summer
ESP – Exotic Fruit
ESP – Fruit Bowl
ESP – Red Vineyard
ESP – Ginseng Berry

I will add these to our list, but if you put them in the box let me know and I will mark you as adding them.

Maybe someone put in the wrong list? None of those teas were even on the list when I had the box. I typed up the inventory so I am very sure.

Dr Jim said

It is possible that someone did a major swap on the box. I won’t ask you do to an inventory, but is there still a lot of tea in the box? If you PM me your email address, I can send you the contents as I can track them, but am missing two individuals. Emile and KHamilton611 didn’t post their adds/subtracts.

BTW: the ESP teas came from the original ChuckieRoy box. I removed most of them from the box because they didn’t seem popular and were probably getting stale, but at the last minute tossed small samples into the baggie with the loose tea bags (which is probably why Marzipan and I didn’t log them).

That’s very mysterious! I logged everything that was in the box, and don’t even recall seeing those. I saw that Tracey has two tea boxes right now, could it be the list from the other box?

I recognize the 52teas Dreamsickle Puerh, because I finished it off. Whoopsies, thought I marked it as finished…sorry about that!

Nope this is the log from the correct tea box. It still has a ton of tea, so everyone will have plenty to choose from, but it is just weird that Marzipan has these all listed and they aren’t in there. Should I cross them off of the log sheet, so no one coming up on the list thinks they are still in there?

It has been through some people since me.

Thanks for taking inventory Tracey, I noticed right off the bat that it was easier to find a tea and then look it up on the list than the other way around, but I had no idea the discrepancy was that big!

I also stuck some smaller pouches in the baggie, but I think I noted them down.

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Dr Jim said

More Vacation Planning:

Shadowfall is next on the list, but goes on vacation on 16 July. She’s OK with the current schedule if Tracy C can get the box in the mail this week. Otherwise, we’ll need to ask Cheri or Suziqzer to move up.

Tracy C: how does this work for you?
Anyone else on the list (Cheri, Suziqzer, Moraiwe) with vacation plans?

Cheri select said

No vacation plans here.

I say move Cheri up if we need to, she was next on the line up :)

Cheri select said

If you need to that’s fine. I’m flexible. (I can touch my toes!)

I can send it to Shadowfall by the end of the week. I can just take out a tsp of the ones I want to sample and keep some others. Especially if she wants to take them on vacation with her. Let me know. I’m good either way.

Dr Jim said

Great. Looks like we can stick with the current schedule, at least through Suziqzer.

TracyC – I’d love to take it on vacation with me. But I don’t want to rush you if you’re not ready to send it on.
I’ll keep my fingers crossed I get it by Tuesday if you do ship it out by the end of the week.

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I am mailing the box this morning. Hopefully Shadowfall will receive it before she leaves for vacation. I will post later today what I sampled and what I added.

Excellent! I definitely keep an eye out for it. Thanks so much.

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Ok, I am off to my PO sub-station to put the box in the mail. I added to the list that Marzipan created and printed out a new list. There are 157 teas listed, but there are still all of those missing ones. I added the word missing next to all of those. If anyone would like me to email them the new list, let me know on here and follow me. I will PM you for your email address.

Shadowfall- can you please add the ones from above that needed adding, I forgot before I printed the list? I finished the ESP – Fruit Bowl. Thanks. I’ll PM you the tracking number once I get back home.

You want me to add these to the list, right?
David’s – Chocolate Orange
Della Terra – Swiss Mountain
Della Terra – Walnut Brittle
ESP – Finally Summer
ESP – Exotic Fruit
ESP – Fruit Bowl
ESP – Red Vineyard
ESP – Ginseng Berry

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Got the box today. Wow. The post office outdid itself on speed here. I honestly wasn’t really expecting it until Saturday or even Monday. Major thanks to TraceyC for getting it out so quickly too.

Just opened the box. Kinda underwhelmed with it. Lol! I guess I’ve had my expectations spoiled by tea boxes stuffed to near bursting. XD Also, there’s alot of stuff here that I know I don’t like for various reasons. So all in all, there’s maybe 6 teas that I want to try. Which means, depending on how my weekend goes, I might have this box actually shipped out before I leave for vacation. Lol.
And as seems to be my usual question, does anyone mind me switching the box out for a plain brown box? Also because this one is getting a bit…smushy around the edges from all the traveling. Lol! If that’s a problem, let me know and I’ll leave the box as is. I was just unaware that this one was traveling via priority flat rate for some reason. Guess I missed reading that somewhere. XD;

Dr Jim said

Feel free to swap out the box. They need to be replaced every 4-5 shipments for the reason you cite. Plain brown is fine; whatever works for you.

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