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my antivirus blocks the link and wont let me unblock it :(

cteresa said

Original poster wants photographs they can use in their blog without paying anything to photographer. They offer nothing except “exposure” – and they do not give any numbers regarding what.

Dear snooty tea person, take your own photos, it will be much meaningful that way and much more related to what you are blogging about. I am a photography lover and this request rankles: do you know how much good photography equipment costs? I want a good flash and a good 85 mm prime, and well exposure if nobody pays anything for photographs (even cents from ad revenue or youtube views), well any money spent on those will never get any revenue back to stuff like a new (necessary) body upgrade.

Photography material is costly. Paying for photography helps photographers save for that (nevermind making money, which LOL in photography is almost impossible for anybody but real professionals)

Cteresa, so true.
I agree. You want photos, compensate. I am no professional, but I had someone offer to pay me a 10th (10%) of what a Prof. Photog would charge if I would take some professional style photos of them foe one of their CD’s/Promotion posters.
I understand I am no professional, but the way they said it rubbed me the wrong way. And I take pretty darn good photos for not being a professional, much better than your average joe with a kodak. Photography costs $$.

I’m sorry for coming off offensively.

I should have explained the request in better detail, and for that I apologize. My intent was not to make photographers send me their hard work without compensation. I was hoping that if amateur photographers happened to already have tea pictures in their portfolio, then this would be a way for them to show them off and get their names out there, much the way this blogger did here: It was not meant to be considered as a professional contest.

I have much to learn about photography culture and etiquette. Thank you for your feedback.

cteresa said

SnootyTeaPerson, see explaining that upfront is not offensive. You want media for free, and offer due credit, no problem if anybody wants to take it It was just that the title by calling to “photographers” is implying it is also to people who expect to make (some. little) money from photography and you could have saved a click and some time by explaining that no money (or tea or anything else) would be supplied in exchange for the photos. Just be clear about it upfront rather than us having to click and read all to find out.

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