Interesting/ experimental tea blends...

Ever brew something together just to see how it would taste? If so, what was it, and how did it turn out?

I tried Della Terra’s Lime Chiffon with 52 Teas’ Chocolate Malt. It’s like having a malt with lime syrup. Different, but good.

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This is what tea blenders do for a living. That profession is an interesting blend of art and science. There is so much that goes on behind the scenes of any tea blend long before it arrives as a finished product on the shelves. I strongly recommend you look into taking a tea blending course if you enjoy this subject. They will teach you how to blend not only teas but also oils, fruits, spices and more. Blending is only limited by your imagination and costs.

Now to answer your question directly, I was blending a number of different things the last few days. Rooibos was a popular choice as a “tea” base because it is very adaptable but also used a Ceylon tea and Keemun as bases as well. For spices, I like using cinnamon, black pepper and cardamom but then again I tend to like a spicy, peppery taste.

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I was meaning more trying different things at home for fun.

I do like the spiced rooibos.

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I NEVER do anything experimental. =))

Seriously though, wait til you see next week’s Tea of the Week.

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Today I blended Laoshan Black with Kusmi’s Euphoria. The chocolate notes worked well together! It was delicious… until someone (not me, for once) spilled my whole glass of it. Ah well, a sacrifice to the tea gods.

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