Artp said

Tea company that uses black foil pouches?

Hi all,

I got some vanilla chai in a swap a while back and absolutely loved it; however i havent been able to find the company information. The tea was in a black foil bag with a clear oval window so you could see the tea. It was delicious.

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Might’ve been the English Tea Company. I got some in a swap that were black pouches with little windows in them. If you like I could take a picture of the packages if you wanted to check?

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^ I thought that was the English Tea Store. That bag sounds similar to one I have for Scottish Caramel Toffee Pu-erh. And they do carry a vanilla chai.

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Dr Jim said

This may be the tea. i can confirm the black pouch with oval window. I’ve even drunk the tea. I wasn’t impressed, but I’m not a chai fan.

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