Looking for a new cast iron teapot

Why are they so expensive? I’ve had my cast iron teapot for approx. 2 years that I purchased from World Market – it was $19.99. I liked it’s size.

I have NO issues with my current teapot. I’d just like something with a little more color and I want something that will hold over 30 oz.

I REFUSE to look at Teavana. I abhor them. Anyone have any suggestions where I could continue my search?

This is the one I have now.

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Lala said

I would suggest checking out local thrift stores, consignment stores, etc.

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ashmanra said

eBay has lots!

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Check Walmart’s website. Yes I know it sounds crazy, but I was on there searching randomly for teapots and came across a whole bunch of cast iron teapots. Sold through their website by someone, can’t remember the company name offhand, and they were all under $40 if I remember correctly. Maybe you could find something there.

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momo said

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wheezybee said

Try EnjoyingTea.com – I have the green 24oz Shogun set and it’s still going strong after five years. I’ve added to the set over the years, and will continue to go back to them. http://www.enjoyingtea.com/cast-iron-tea-sets.html

I received another pot (from Amazon) as a wedding present, and really haven’t had the best of luck with it: the enamel on the cups was chipped before we got it and the filter basket is too short to reach most of the water!

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Uniquity said

Butiki Teas is selling their remaining cast iron at cost. I believe they were around $25 each though shipping would be more for a heavy object like that. They looked beautiful – I have way too many tea steeping items and I considered one!


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