Katherine said

Tea Cupboard Organization Methods

My tea cupboard is far from organized, and I’m constantly finding new teas I want to add, however, there simply isn’t enough room! What ways have you come up with to fit everything you’d like to and keep organized at the same time?

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TeaLady441 said

I need a better system, but right now most of my tea is 1oz or less, so I have 4 different tins/boxes that I stack on my counter:

-flavoured black teas
-unflavoured black teas
-green/white tea
-oolong/puerh tea

I also have a shoebox on my kitchen table that I put my 1-2 cup size samples in so I can finish them off quickly! All of my tins are lined up on the counter. My collection is starting to burst out though and won’t fit in the boxes. So, I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone else does. :D

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Dexter said

Interesting, I haven’t found the perfect method either. Right now I have a basket on my counter with all my swap/samples/packages with a cup or two left – this is my should be drinking first pile. I have all my go too, drink really often in tins/jars on a shelf in kitchen cupboard. I have my opened packages but have quite a bit still in them in the drawers in my china cabinet – one drawer has flavored blacks/pu’erhs/rooibos. One drawer has unflavored pu’erhs, oolongs. One drawer has everything else. All my unopened packages are in a box in the closet.
I also just moved a month ago and am not totally unpacked, hope when I get more organized with all my stuff, I can find a better way to organize the tea.

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Mostly mine are sorted by company, and then those are sorted by type.

Except ones I’ve used for my own blends, it’s all in the original packaging.

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Dr Jim said

I only keep about 20% of my tea in the kitchen. My favorites are in the tins (I have to re-fill the 1 oz tins frequently). Everything else is in three large boxes in the spare bedroom, so every week or so I reorganize.

My wife had these nice open-top boxes that are about 12" by 3". They can hold about a dozen sample bags or four 1 oz tins plus about 6 samples. I also use an old Whitman’s sampler box for 4-oz tins and more of the 1 oz tins. I have two shelves dedicated to tea, so have a lot of tins and loose bags in and around the boxes. I can take one of the boxes out of the cabinet and easily access the tea.

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I just recently reorganized my tea..again. Right now I keep all my tea in covered plastic bins from Walmart and the Dollar Store on the tea shelf above my sink. They’re sorted by what I want to keep in stock, what I might reorder if there’s a sale or swap for if I have a chance and what I’ll finish off or swap away but not reorder. Then I have two bins for untried stuff I got from swaps, a bin with all my Adagio sample sizes, a bin for untried ‘ordered from the company’ stuff and another bin for all my larger sized Adagio teas.
And I have a large uncovered bin on my counter for all the teas I didn’t like/am planning on swapping away.

I’m hoping this sorting will stay put for awhile. At least until I have too many teas to fit into the bins I have now. Gods help me when that happens as I’ll most likely have too much tea then. Lol. Not a bad prospect actually. XD

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clover said

I use a mixture of tins and bags with clips… Really wish there was a simple and elegant way to keep it all organized!

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i have a bookcase, 12 shelves on it. Each shelf is designated to a different type of tea, and within each shelf it’s organized by flavour profile. 90% of my collection is in tins, I have a small wood tea chest with my limited bagged collection and a couple different bins for sample sizes and pouches.

I generally organize the shelves from right to left as follows: straight, scented/floral, minty, spiced, rich, creamy fruity, juicy fruity. my herbal shelf is a bit different since it goes single herb/flower, floral, savory (I have some unique blends with sage/oregano in them that a friend made me), strong hibiscus/sour notes, sweet/low hibiscus.

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I put my tea in plastic containers (by Ziplock) minus the lids, and put them in a drawer. That way I can see all my tea. I have a lot of tea. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on tea storage. Go to the dollar store. Just a suggestion.

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