Verdant website down?

Is the verdant website not working for everyone else? I waited until my birthday to buy more tea but of course it’s down now :(

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Yep, it is down for me as well. Happy Birthday!

Haha thanks :) i just hope it comes back up :(

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At least the teas aren’t going anywhere :]

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It’s true! Unfortunately, the server is down temporarily: Geoffrey’s working to get it all back up and running ASAP. We’ll let you all know as soon as it’s up, and we will definitely be sharing a coupon to apologize for the inconvenience and to thank you for your patience.

Happy Birthday, AureliaFish! My apologies for the surprise down-time. When everything is back up and running, I will make sure your order gets a good birthday sample. :)

Oh goodness no worries! Thank you so much, i’ll make an order right when the website goes back up!! :)

Uniquity said

Ach, if only I waited until the website was down to place my order! Just kidding – hopefully you can all make orders soon too. :)

JustJames said

lily, impatient as i can sometimes be i checked your website tonight and discovered an admin page with buttons accessible to the user. i would have PMed you, but i don’t have that option as i’m following you and not vice versa.

it might be nothing, but i would hate for your database to be compromised in anyway! again, the buttons were accessible to the user on the page.

i did PM jason to convey the message, but i have no idea what time zone he’s in.

Sil select said

looks like things are back to normal…

Thanks for the update, James! We’re aware of the issues, and Geoffrey and David and I were up through the night working to get everything right as rain. Everything is back, just as it should be now.

Feel free to use the coupon I just posted below (UPTIME15) as a great big thank you for all of your support! It will take 15% off your order of any tea in the store.

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Yeah, just checked here too and the website seems to be up and running! Hooray

Yep, just placed my order! That spring laoshan green shall be mine soon :)

Hi AureliaFish: Thank you so much for the order!! I’d love to get you the 15% off you would have gotten with the coupon I just posted. Feel free to PM me or write to me directly at [email protected] , and I’ll make sure that’s applied (with a belated-birthday sample!) when we fill the order on Monday.

Best wishes!
Lily Duckler

Wow thank you so much!

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Thanks everyone- it’s true: Geoffrey worked through the night to get everything back up and working properly.

Thanks you so much for putting up with website issues. We are extremely grateful for your support and patience. To apologize for the inconvenience, here is a 15% off coupon, good through Monday on any tea on the site. Apply the following code in your cart:


For anyone who just placed an order this morning, please PM me! You should get to use the coupon, too- I’ll make sure it gets applied retroactively

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