Best way to brew green tea?

So I’ve been drinking loose leaf green tea for about two weeks now, and I’ve been brewing it using a 17oz Bodum Chambord French Press. It works just fine, but it just feels…I don’t know, a bit too Western for Japanese and Chinese green teas, if that makes any sense. Plus, if I get something else for my green tea, I can use the Bodum for coffee haha.

I want something that gives the leafs room too expand, so that excludes tea balls and strainers. I was thinking of perhaps getting a kyusu since they are made for green tea, but it seems like there are many different kinds of kyusu and I don’t know where to start lol. Does anyone have any other thoughts?

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mrmopar said

Have you thought about a yixing clay pot? They work well and absorb some of the tea oils to enhance the flavor the longer you use them.

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Most/many kyusus that I have come across are glazed so you don’t have to worry about devoting them to one type of tea if you’re not ready to do that yet (as you would have to do for a yixing pot). Dens Tea has a good selection of Kyusus and I hear that they are all dishwasher safe (though I avoid the dishwasher anyway), but it does speak for their durability.

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