What is your favorite Irish/English/* Breakfast?

I’m new to tea and I want to try out a good breakfast tea. Any variant really, as long as there are no flavor additives, I want to try the ‘pure’ version of the tea before anything else.

I ordered some of the Good Morning Sunshine Guayusa from Butiki Teas and it’s coming along with a sample of the Irish Breakfast so I look forward to logging those.

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I love River Shannon from Upton Tea. Good strong and brisk.

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gmathis said

Twinings Irish Breakfast is one of my favorite quick and easy morning brands.

PG Tips, in any form, is also a good, strong boot-you-out-the-door brand.

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rmja said

Trader Joe’s Irish Breakfast is a great strong blend of tea. I love it!!

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A friend of mine used to mix equal parts Twinings English Breakfast and Irish Breakfast. She called in “battle in a teacup.” This was back in the 70s, when The Irish Question was still quite volatile. The blend made a good cup of tea.

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I like Harney & Sons Irish Breakfast, and Twinings is also good. I definitely prefer Irish Breakfast to English Breakfast in general.

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I love Twinings! :)

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ifjuly said

My favorites are Golden Moon’s Irish Breakfast and Utopia’s English Breakfast. Butiki’s The Black Lotus is phenomenal, way way more complex and delicious than a breakfast tea has any right to be (ha), but I wouldn’t drink it every day first thing in the morning because it’s too special and would be wasted on my barely awake taste buds. But mid-morning, it’s the best thing ever.

Update: Just tried Harney and Sons Queen Catherine for the first time this week and I’m hooked. If I could only have two morning teas in my stash for the rest of my life, they’d be Queen Catherine and The Black Lotus, no question. So good!

Mandala Morning Sun is great too, complex and rather unusual—someone in a review said it reminded them of roasted green pepper and masa harina, and I totally agree. It might sound weird, but it’s delicious and makes it stand out from other teas. Subtly spicy, smoky, savory notes you don’t find elsewhere, great for putting some pep in your step.

And they’re not breakfast blends per se, but yeah PG Tips’ll kick you right out the door with caffeine, and Persimmon Tree Vintage Black, Andrews and Dunham Double Knit Blend, and Butiki Grandpa’s Anytime Tea are all really well done, smoothed out flavorful takes on standard classic brisk morning tea. And people often choose Ceylon or Assam for breakfast, and good versions of those include Golden Moon Sinharaja (best Ceylon I’ve had by far) and Andrews and Dunham Tiger Assam.

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sandra said

I prefer Irish. love Pluckley tea. PG tips also a fave.

I also make my own blends at times with what is open (ceylon, keemun, darjeeling, assam, …)

ifjuly said

Oh, that reminds me…Butiki sells a kit now so you can custom blend your own breakfast tea. I forget exactly which teas it comes with, I think Assam, Ceylon, and Keemun…ok, I just checked, and you can pick from a couple different kits. It comes with the blend components and a recipe to get you started. Obviously you don’t need a kit to blend yourself, but it might be a good intro and it seems fun!


I too have been blending my own. Keemun for “top” melody flavor; Assam for body (like a basso continuo in Baroque music); Ceylon for a bit of briskness in the middle. Sometimes when short of Keemun I’ll add Darjeeling but then have to lower the amount of Assam to keep it from being drowned out. I was thinking too, of adding a bit of dark Oolong just to see what it does.

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boychik said

I love Butiki’s The Black Lotus. Delicious and complex. After that tea Twinings seems flat

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Ag select said

I tend to prefer Irish Breakfast teas over English Breakfasts.

It’s been a while since I’ve had Twinings, but I recall enjoying that. Adagio’s also makes for a malty, hearty cup. Butiki’s Irish Breakfast is a good balance between flavour subtleties and boldness. My favourite would have to be from Golden Moon Tea, though. Brisk, flavourful, energetic wake-up.

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