FREE AUTUMN SHENG PU'ER from Yiwu- 24 hrs only

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Heads up folks, this may be a scam. I received and e-mail from mistypeak stating that they could not ship the samples internationally and that if I wanted to pay an extra $8 they could send me a 30 gram sample instead of the free 5 gram sample. My shipping address is in Atlanta, GA so I told them that they could either send me the free sample or refund my $1.50. I got a reply e-mail almost immediately saying that they were sorry but they just could not afford to ship samples outside of the US along with another e-mail saying that my money had been refunded. I think it’s strange that this happened since my address is clearly IN THE US! I advise others not to send them any extra money until they gain some form of verifiable reputation.

tperez said

Did you check to see that they had your address correct?

Misty Peaks has already sent out a round of samples, so I’m fairly confident that they’re legit… And $1.50 per customer probably wouldn’t be worth a scamer’s time.

Maybe they had your address mixed up with someone elses? Or though you were in the country of Georgia? (longshot)

I checked and my address and zip code were correct. I can’t imagine what the confusion was. If nobody else gets a similar experience then this was clearly just an anomaly. It all went down in a pretty scammy way though.

I got the same reply but I am in the UK and thought nothing of it. I paid the additional money and was emailed with brewing instructions. It does sound scammish but Paypal is secure payment so claiming money back shouldn’t be a problem. Interesting to see if anyone else got the same message. Free tea? Doesn’t look like it. 9.50 for 30g of autumn sheng pu erh is a little steep but I thought was worth the risk.

Hello everyone,

I can completely sympathize and understand where the confusion or worry could come from. There are too many scams online and we have all heard of someone getting taken advantage of or been taken advantage of.

I am in the business to share tea. I spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars to send samples a few weeks ago; this time, I asked for just $1.50 to cover 80% of the shipping fees and I would cover the rest. I received 3 payments from International tea drinkers(outside of the USA), and could not pay $8-10 dollars to send a few grams of tea across the world. I was unclear when mentioning that it is for US shipping only, my apologies; I should have explained that further. Never in my wildest did I imagine I would be accused of scamming people when writing those three folks to notify them that,

“I made an error and didn’t specify US shipping only. I am shipping about 5 grams to USA folks, if you are still interested, to make it fair, I can send you 30 grams if you just cover the 9.50 in shipping. If not, kindly let me know, and I am happy to refund you. Sorry for the confusion.”

I received a very harsh email, being accused of scamming and being a crook.

If anyone would like to call me directly, visit us, email us, or SKYPE video, we are happy to.

We are here to share tea and to get folks drinking good tea.

Happy to share my personal mobile number if anyone would like to chat.

Sorry for the confusion and have a healthy and happy day.

It does seem to have been an honest mistake. Just a bit of confusion. Thanks for clearing it up. I sincerely apologize for my rudeness.

It’s okay, not a problem.

Have a nice week.

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I am so hype for this

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I’ve had this pu’er. It is fantastic! I’ll vouch that this is legit.

mrmopar said

Agreed it was so good I got tea drunk from it! The only time this has happened to me. Good sheng!

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Thank you all so kindly for your requests and helping us cover the S&H fees.

Everyone should receive their sample by Monday or Tuesday at the latest.

Thank you everyone and enjoy this tea :)

Call or email with any questions.


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I never got this :( It’s only $1.50 but I was looking forwards to it.

Rich select said

Me too. I think I was one day late and never got a reply back. I did decide to order it for $6.50 though today.

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If you have not received it, please shoot me your mailing address and I will send it again.

Thank you kindly :)

Rich select said

Nicholas really hooked me up with some generous samples! Thanks so much! Quality stuff for sure. I will post a review after tasting.

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