Tea_newbie said

Help me meet new teas!!!!!

Hey Stepsters!

I’m writing today as a new tea lover!!
I have always been a coffee person, I actually thought I needed coffee to live through the day! Until I found Physique Tea!

I was actually surfing through internet when i found this site about a woman named Asti who had been drinking tea to get skinny! At first, I have to be honest, I thought it was all a lie, but my sister made me orden it (you can sell her a broken mirror if you wanted)

I ordered it and I have to say, I’M IN LOVE! I used to get really bloated after meals and this was actually the answer to my problem! The taste is amazing, and I love packaging, it even comes in this cool silk bag, I actually used it to keep my jewelry in when i travel.

My favorite is Palladium because I’m a chocolate lover!!!! and Onyx cause it works best after lunch!!!

I’ve tried other teas like Te Forte and Harneys and Sons but i would love to try more and more!!!

So Steepsters what other teas should I put in my cupboard??

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Sarah P said

HI Newbie,
My recommendation to you is to try all the different types and ages of puerh. Its so hearty and really warms the soul. Roasted oolongs are my second favorite- those usually look like dark long leaves pulled and twisted as opposed to other lighter oolongs that looked rolled up in a ball and green. Some people on here to follow are @AwkwardSoul -she has a super cute and informative blog called the oolong owl @Bonnie is a great person to follow because she is really in depth with her reviews. and @tommythetoad because his reviews are kind of funny and knows his teas very well. I am sure there are many more great people to follow. As a general rule for me I don’t drink much tea that is all crushed up and in the usual paper teabag. The taste isn’t the same and the benefits aren’t as high. I am with you on Physique Tea. I love it. I wish they had more Puerh teas because those are my favorite. Hope that helped a little.

Tea_newbie said

Thank you for replying my post Sarah! I’ll be sure to check out @AwkwardSoul @Bonnie and @tommythetoad reviews!!

yes i really like Puerh Teas, i agree with you on that Physique SHOULD have more of those, i love there Pearl, it really get me relaxed after a long day at work!!!.. Do you Know if they happen to send sample packs?? I would love to try other flavors from Physique!

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Lala said

Tea_newbie- what kind of teas are you looking for? If you could narrow down your request it would be easier to provide recommendations. Do you want flavoured vs unflavoured, black vs white vs green, caffeinated vs decaf, dessert teas?

For unflavoured I would suggest trying places like Teavivre, Butiki, Verdant.

Butiki also has some very good flavoured teas as well.

Della terra has a lot of dessert type teas.

52teas comes out with a lot of different, and delicious teas.

There are many more companies as well. Too many to name. One way to go about it is to look for the companies with sales going on or with sample packs, that way you can try a bit of everything and see what you like.

Tea_newbie said

I love fusions, or at least the one I’ve tried from Physique and Harneys and sons I LOVED!!!

I really like teas that show the benefits they have on you and that put extra herbs to enhance their effects on the body and mind!

Which are your favorite teas???

Ohhh do they really send samples?? I had no idea!!! im going to ask for some and start reviewing! Do you happen to know if Physique sends samples as well???

Lala said

I have never tried physique tea so I cannot recommend anything for you there.

My favorite tea blends are :
Paris by Harney and Sons
Glitter and gold by Davids Tea
Eve by Nina’s tea
Tigre blanc by Nina’s tea
And pretty much any kind of Earl Grey tea.

If you keep an eye on the discussion topics, every once and a while companies will offer free samples. The other thing you can do is contact companies through websites or Facebook to see if they offer free or cheap samples.

I agree with every thing Lala said to do.

Also on Verdant Tea they have a $5 for 5 tea deal that you might want to look into; it is for new costumers to them so I would order that deal from them first before anything. Here is the link http://verdanttea.com/teas/5-for-5-tea-samples/

Another good place to go is Adagio. They might not always have the supper best teas, but they have a lot of sampler sets, cheap sample sizes for their teas, and are priced right. Also if you feel adventurous you can make your own tea blend to drink as well. Or you can be like me and spend hours making blends, but havn’t bought any yet >_> http://www.adagio.com/

Yunomi.us is a great site that I found recently that has a lot of great Japanese teas. They also have a sample set that gives you an introduction to Japanese style tea. I think it was $9.99 last I checked and there shipping is reasonable. It was $3 for me (that doesn’t include tracking and stuff but you don’t really need that during this time of year or on small orders) Here is a link http://yunomi.us/shop/9306/yunomi-us-study-set-101/

Hope this helps and welcome to Steepster!

Tea_newbie said

Thanku @ze_Teamaker and @Lala ill be sure to post about my new faves real soon!!!

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You could look in the swap forums too. Excellent way to try new teas without a lot of cost. If you don’t have much to trade with now, you can also check the Take-it-Away thread for freebies. It’s not posted to frequently, but when there is a new post, you gotta get there quickly! :)

I love to do mystery swaps to try out lots of new teas too.

As for companies, my favorites are Butiki, Verdant, Arbor Teas, and The Tea Spot. But good teas can be found almost anywhere since personal taste varies too :)

Tea_newbie said

Shelley! thanku for replying!
I ll be sure to check out the posts! I feel so energetic and happy since i’ve been drinking tea, coffee just makes you really high jajaja ….

Ohhh i love your recommendations I’ll be sure to check out some of your faves out!!!…

Have you ever tried Physique Tea?? I want to try new flavors but im not sure if they send samples and i want some one to recommend which one I should try next! .. (I already tried Pearl, Onyx and Palladium!) If your looking for new teas to try and havent tried these i highly recommend them!

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You sure bring up Physique a lot…

I was thinking the same thing.

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Chocolate teas… Della Terra has some pretty awesome ones. (Like Strawberry Sundae.)

Tea_newbie said

OOHHH!! sounds yummy!!! I’ll Be sure to check this out

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Dr Jim said

A great way to get started is to go to a site that sells a wide variety of teas in small sizes (samples). Adagio is really good for this, but they sell mostly flavored teas (but a great variety of decaf). Upton teas has a very large variety of straight teas and sells almost everything in sample sizes. Upton also sells sample sets which have four related teas; these are about an ounce so you can get to know the tea.

Another great place to get started would be Teavivre. They have high quality but are limited to mostly Chinese teas. They sell samplers (approx 1/2 oz of each) of 5 different teas for $10-$15. Shipping is free for orders of $30 but the free shipping from China is VERY slow.

To get started in tasting non-flavored teas, I would taste Chinese Blacks (Keemun, Yunnan, Fujian), Indian Black (Asssam, Darjeeling), Oolong (light, medium, and heavy roast), and Green teas (I can’t get into green teas so can’t recommend particulars).

Tea_newbie said

Wow @Dr.Jim Thnaku im going to try the Adagio! i really like de oolong.. Green
Teas are no my thing either, At least the ones i have seen! thanku very much!

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Eazy mode:
Go here http://steepster.com/teas Steepster’s listings of high rated teas as per us Steepster’s tea notes. Try those, I’ve had a number of them and they are all amazing. Use the side bar to filter the list.

Cavocorax said

That’s a great way to do it! Also, try searching in the forum for similar threads on free samples, recommended teas, etc.

Tea_newbie said

I’m doing this right away!! thanky @awkwardSoul!!!

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Tea_newbie said

Ill be following all your advice and will post about my new tea adventures soon!!!

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Try Verdant Tea’s 5 for $5!

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Hi Newbie,

Welcome to tea world! There are many sites with samplers to try out. For me, I like “single malt” pure straight tea, not flavored, not scented, because its original smell and flavor shows the quality of the teas and how well the processing skill of the farmer is.

If you’re interested in non-flavored, non-scented, non-additives teas, welcome to check the site here. The shop is specialized only in Taiwanese competition-grade teas(Formosa Tea) from heritage tea farms, and everything is free shipping everyday without order amount requirement.


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