I know you love tea, BUT...

Hey Steepster,

I know you love tea, but do you love it this much? http://pinterest.com/pin/265853184223364632/

I don’t think I love it enough to get a tattoo, but I’m un-inked. Do any of you sport a tea-related tattoo? Or just want to show us pictures of your cool tattoos?

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I don’t have a tea related tattoo….. yet. It is in the works. Just looking for the perfect quote to go with it.
If you check out the common grounds-tattoos/body-modification, some of us posted our tattoos there.

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OHHHHH, it looks cool. Don’t know if I would want it on my chest though.

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I think If I ever got a tea tattoo I would get one that says Cha Ji “茶人” or my tea blog logo, since it combines my two loves; music and tea.

TeaKlutz said

That. That is an awesome logo. I approve. And I’m a bit jealous, not gonna lie. (What instrument(s) do you play?)

So far my primary is Bass and my secondary is guitar. I am getting better with guitar though, since I started taking lessons. I am so rusty though. I have been trying to jam more with my drummer and a get a guitar player, but it isn’t going so well. >_>

Also thank you for the compliments on my logo! I like it a lot.

TeaKlutz said

Ooo! I’m in the process of learning the bass guitar right now; I’ve been playing other instruments for years and now I finally feel like I’ve found the one I’m in love with. Do you do upright bass? (Here lemme babble about non-tea related things on a tea forum)

(And you’re welcome! :D)

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RiverTea said

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