What are your tea goals?

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Lynxiebrat said

LOL I know I didn’t make much headway into my list, but I’m ok with that.

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A.V. said

To make a blended recipe that I will actually share with others. My knowledge is so small with doing the blends, not as small on drinking them haha

Also, I want to learn the finer notes of tea. I want to be able to not only distinguish between greens, but also the whites and blacks and their origins. I feel limited in my palette!

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Putting it in writing so I don’t buy anything:

1. No more mail orders until Black Friday.
2. Organize my tea cupboard (I’m in the process of transfering teas to glass bottles and putting them in a spice rack.
3. Try more plum teas! (and try them as hot toddies)
4. Read more books about tea!

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Lala said

So I have been thinking a lot lately. About tea of course. I have been kind of starting this for a long time, with a lot of starts and stops. But I think one of my main tea goals for 2014 is going to be getting rid of the teas in my cupboard that I do not consider a staple. I have come to know which teas I really like and want to consistently keep around. So I want to drink up some of those teas that are still good but mostly just hang around the cupboard because they are not favs. Then I want to keep my cupboard under control by slowing down on the buying random teas to just try them. A lot of it is to do with impulse control – ha ha. We will see how it goes.

Late Edit: One other goal is to try to drink what is open before opening other teas. I don’t need to have 15 different straight blacks opened at one time, I might want to, but don’t need to. I think this will help me to keep my cupboard under control, to know what I have in the cupboard, and to not buy so much tea all the time.

Lala said

Looking at my goals for when I started this thread I think it did pretty good. 1. I still bought teas all summer but I definitely slowed down quite a bit. 2. I am officially below 100, but that will not last long as I have an order to pick up in postal jail but the trend is positive. 3. I have stopped with the chai experiments so I think it is safe to say, I have created the perfect blend for me.

Dexter said

That’s awesome Lala – I keep hoping that I can get to that point, but just when I think I’m almost there – new companies pop up, French teas are available locally, something happens and I binge. Obviously I’m just not ready yet.
Good luck – remember you have friends here, if there are a few “MUST TRY” teas you see, just ask – I’m sure someone will have it and willing to share. Then you can determine if it’s a staple or not. I need to swap more and buy less…just saying…

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