[Better] Sweeteners

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denisend said

A note on agave nectar if anyone wants to try it. I found some of Stash’s honey and agave nectar sticks in Target. You don’t need to go to a health food store anymore!

I found agave nectar at Costco, I was super excited!

I saw some the other day at Walmart of all places.

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ashmanra said

I like honey in teas that have honey notes, like Golden Monkey or Zhen Qu. I am going to try succanat in tea soon. It is cane sugar that is not processed like white sugar but instead is just evaporated. I bought some and it has a honey color as opposed to being white like plain sugar, and it comes in another form with added honey to be used as a substitute for brown sugar. I did try it in cheap grocery store teabag ice tea and my family didn’t like it, but I think I could get used to it.

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I have used several different things but I mainly stick to Splenda, white sugar, brown sugar, rock sugar, and honey. Right now I seem to be on a honey kick, but I agree that it sometimes covers up or adds too much of its own flavor to tea.

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