Looking to sell my Zojirushi water heater/dispenser as a bundle with premium teas/accessories

Hey everybody, it has been a looong time since I’ve been on here. A lot of changes have occurred in my life these past several months and I am extremely strapped for cash, so I am looking into all possible options of getting some extra money to go towards living expenses.

I am trying to sell my Zojirushi water heater, and figured I would have better luck with this community of dedicated tea-lovers. I know I always appreciated a good tea/accessory bundle so here’s what I plan on including if interest is generated:

-One Zojirushi Micom CD-WBC30 3-liter water heater/dispenser (champagne gold). It is in very good condition and operates perfectly, used no more than ten times. For those of you who may not know what this is, check out the reviews on Steepster. It is a FANTASTIC device for the serious tea enthusiast.

-One lightly used Rishi Tea “Simple Brew” teapot (400ml).

-Approximately one ounce of Rishi Tea “Emerald Lily” green tea.

-Approximately two ounces American Tea Room Golden Needle Yunnan (extremely high quality tea, one of the highest rated on Steepster).

-Approximately two ounces American Tea Room Milk Oolong (another extremely high quality tea).

-Approximately 3 ounces American Tea Room “Earl Grey Shanghai”.

-Around one ounce of American Tea room’s Brioche tea.

-About half an ounce of Mandala Tea’s Valley Peak green tea

-Sample size Jasmine Silver Needle white tea from Ito-En

-Sample size “Immortal Springs Laoshan White” from Verdant Tea

-Approximately 2.5 ounces “Florence” from Harney & Sons in tin.

-Approximately one ounce of hops (calming herbal/blend additive).

This bundle is easily worth at least $200 as is, and I’m willing to sell it for a bargain if there is interest. Please let me know.


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Also, I’m currently living in Bend, Oregon. If by some chance any of you live nearby and would like to see it in person, that would be great. :)

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Hi ifjuly, thanks for your response. Yes, I would definitely be willing to ship it out. And I’m really not exactly sure what I’m gonna ask for it yet, but I’m willing to take a pretty big loss if need be. I’m gonna wait a bit to see what kind of response this thread gets, but I’ll keep you in the loop. All offers will be considered.

Also trying to decide whether I should go the route of eBay, or Teatrade.

ifjuly said

You know, I just remember something. My birthday’s coming up in less than a month and there’s a pretty significant chance someone’s going to gift me something to replace the kettle. I should probably hold off. I’m sorry if being all eager and not thinking it through has messed anything up—I’m gonna delete my post if possible so people reading the thread don’t assume they don’t have a chance.

No problem at all, I understand.

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Haha no problem. :)

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I’m also interested if the other two don’t work out!

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Good to hear, TastyBrew. I see that you’re in PDX, so I could even arrange to meet you if need be. Thanks for your interest.

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And I’ll just throw a number out there… I think $130 for the whole set is fair. If that number sounds like a deal to anyone, let me know and we can figure something out. Also, anyone can feel free to make a counter-offer, all will be considered. Once I get a bite, I can set the payment up through Amazon or Paypal, whatever method is preferred.

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Giving this one more try…

ChaMei select said

Please follow me because I have questions about shipping costs. I used to have a different model Zojirushi but it fizzled after I chose to “wash” it. I will take better care of yours if we can make a deal.

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Sold! Many thanks to ChaMei, I know you’ll love it.

ifjuly said

Yay, glad it worked out!

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