Mira Beth said

Top 3 Favourite Teas EVER?

Everyone has those few teas they always end up playing favourites with! What are your 3 and why?

Mine are, to date:

Coconut Bongo from Tealish
-it mixes so well with other teas
-makes the BEST milk tea
-creamy taste even without milk
-strong without being bitter
-tastes good regardless of steep time

Irish Morning from Tealux
-my “every morning” tea
-gets me up in the morning, zing!
-fruity and sweet and floral all at once

S’More Tea from Teaopia
-absolutely unmatched in its likeness to actual s’mores
-treasure it more because it is no longer sold
-picking out the mini marshmallows is awesome
-doesn’t need a lot of sweetener or milk
-feeds and quells my chocolate craving
-good for mixing

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Yame Gyokuro, Lapsang Souchong, and Shu Pu-erh.

Flavored stuff can be good, but nothing beats the finest green, a campfire in a cup, or ancient earth-water. Camellia Sinensis needs no adornment to reach divinity.

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Tough question as they change frequently based on my various moods. Still I will follow this thread to see what others say. :)

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I don’t really have staples and love trying new teas over the same ones.
Though, recent 3 favs:
Mandala Tea’s Wild Monk sheng pu’er and Milk Oolong
Steep City’s Blushing Geisha (green)

Mira Beth said

I’ve heard a lot of good things about Mandala’s Milk Oolong!
Need to get me some of that asap!

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Katiek said

Tough one, because as Rachel said, they change a lot. But at the moment I’d say:

1. TeaSource’s Moon over Madagascar – just a nice vanilla that seems to come out fine even when I make mistakes.

2. Something chocolate and/or caramelly from Della Terra – a number of yummy choices for that one.

3. A peach flavored tea from either TeaSource or David’s.

Those three make up the core flavors I drink the most, but especially in summer I tend to go for more berry and fruit flavors.

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graceatblb said

My favorites are all pu’er. Plus a bonus black tea…because I am very bad at this.

Special Dark from Mandala- the best pu’er ever. It’s chocolaty to the extreme. I’m obsessed with it.

Noble Mark from Mandala-My special occasion pu’er. It’s so delicious but it’s not an everyday tea.

Mandala’s Phatty Cake- My everyday pu’er. It’s so yummy. Lightly smoky, a bit sweet. It never gets boring.

Bonus Black Tea- Fruity-Long Life from Mandala, Chocolaty- Tie between Laoshan Black from Verdant and Zhen Qu from Butiki, Malty-Grandpa’s Anytime Tea from Butiki

I failed at picking didn’t I?

Mira Beth said

3 was just a suggestion :p Too many good teas out there!

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K S said

Ditto to what others said,

1. Tea, Earl Grey, hot. There will always be an earl grey in my stash.
2. A Yunnan or Fujian black. Caramel, cocoa, honey, sweet potato in the Yunnan. so good.
3. A China green. Can’t narrow it down further. There are too many great choices.

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Golden monkey black (specifically teavivre), spring harvest laoshan (verdant), and premium taiwanese assam (butiki)

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Types of tea or specific teas?


1. favourite rooibos/ honeybush
2. earl grey (and variations)
3. chocolate flavour (I do love the chocolate teas)

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WtFGoD said

as someone who strongly prefers blacks,(over green/white/flavored/herbal) im gonna go ahead and say

1. Yunnan

if i had to make a list 1-3 they would all be yunnans, just so much better than any other region for blacks.(imo) doesnt really even matter where they are from(vendor) as long as they are good quality and not smoked.(in my experience)

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Mrs. Tea said

So, far I know I’m game towards herbals and rooibos. But, I can’t wait for my stash of white, black, and green teas to come!

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