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Australian friendly vendors

An Australian tea lover who stumbles upon Steepster is setting themselves up for disappointment. There are all these wonderful teas being reviewed and discussed but only a small fraction are available to us.

The good news is that this thread is dedicated to our local tea vendors and also international vendors who are willing to share their wares down under.

Please note that I haven’t personally ordered from all of these vendors so cannot vouch for their quality or service.


T2 :
shipping $10
free shipping over $60

The Tea Centre:
shipping 0-950g – $8.95, 950g-2kg $10

shipping $10

The rabbit hole:
shipping (according to weight) generally $7-$10

shipping $8.95

shipping $8.95
free shipping over $100

shipping <500g – $7.50, 500g-2kg – $12

Wan Ling Tea House:
shipping: around $7
free shipping over $25 for account holders

shipping: $6.99
free shipping over $80

Its more than a sip:
email to order

Tea and Sympathy:
shipping 0-500g $7.50, 500g-1kg $15

High Mountain Tea Co:
shipping $7.99 or $14.99 express
free shipping over $60

The Art of Tea:
shipping 0-500g $7.50, 501-3kg $11.50, Over 3kg $25

Natures Path:
shipping AU$10

Please note shipping prices quoted are to a metropolitan area on the eastern coast, postage to WA or regional areas may be higher

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alice said


Butiki Teas:
shipping from US$13.75 for 2oz (~50g) to US$19.60 for 12oz (~340g)
orders over $75 receive a $6 shipping discount

Tea Spring:
shipping: US$3.80
free shipping on orders over $70

Love Darjeeling:
shipping: (I couldn’t work out how to show shipping costs in the cart without signing up)
free shipping over £80

52 teas:
shipping: US$5.99 + US$0.75 per ounce
(I can’t quite understand the website though)

shipping: US$3.90 – US$7.90
free shipping over US$30

David’s Tea:
shipping: email for quote

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Hi there, we do ship to Australia and have quite a few Australian customers. Shipping charges are typically:

2oz of tea: $13.75
4oz of tea: $15.90
6oz of tea: $15.90
8oz of tea: $17.75
10oz of tea: $19.60
12oz of tea: $19.60

+Purchase $75 in tea and receive $9.00 off of shipping charges.

Our policy is to only charge actual cost of shipping plus $1.00 to cover the cost of the box, packaging materials, and PayPal fees.

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alice said

Thank you! I’ve added you to the list. I actually looked at making a purchase with Butiki a few weeks ago but was confused about the shipping and payment when I got to the checkout so I closed the page.

Thank you for adding us!

Sorry about that. It is a bit confusing. Since we use PayPal we have to assign shipping charges after the purchase because there is no way of adding additional shipping charges on the drop down menu if larger quantities are purchased, which is usually fine for the US and Canada but can be quite expensive for other international orders.

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Angrboda said

Have a look at They have a very low world-wide flat shipping rate, and they specialise in Chinese teas.

As a European Steepster user, I can inform you that you are not alone. For the longest time I was pretty much all on my lonesome, but there are lots more Europeans about now and lots more European shops. It is ingrained in me to not bother checking out new shops. I just assume they’re unavailable to me.

Because of the very strict Australian import rules, I could imagine you’d have more problems with international vendors than just shipping fees though. I heard that you risk having the tea confiscated in customs. Is it actually so complicated?

alice said

I’ve brought tea into Australia from Japan and Taiwan in my luggage and not had any issues with customs. They ask about it but they’ve never bothered to open up my bags to inspect it. I think if it had seeds or pieces of dried fruit in it, it would be another story. For unflavoured teas I think it would be very uncommon for them to be confiscated (unless they contained insects or mould) but they might be held up for weeks longer than expected.

Thanks for the tea spring tip, I’ve added them too :)

Angrboda said

Cool :) I thought it was much more strict.

Oh, and also Teavivre, by the way, also very reasonable shipping.

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We don’t discriminate in where we send to, only where we buy our tea from. Flat rates outside of UK. Free postage for large orders.

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I’m in NZ, but know that 52Teas has a reasonable shipping rate to Oz –

Teavivre also is reasonable and if you spend over US$30 the shipping is free –

alice said

Wonderful thank you :). There seems to be more than I first realised which is great. More tea to explore!

Login or sign up to post a message. – based in Wollongong, NSW. Free shipping in Australia for account holders who spend more than 25AUD.

Contact Gary for more info and local guidance.

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I only got an account so I could reply to this. Firstly THANKYOU! for giving me some more vendors to check out. =) and secondly I’d like to add some I know in Australia. One is in Western Australia and does an amazing frozen green tea. It’s called ‘Its more than a sip’. Its in Northbridge. To order tea you email them but if you are in Perth you can check them out. Their retail side of things is in Northbridge.
The second one is called ‘Tea and sympathy’. Its in Thornbury, Victoria. If you are close by you can pick up rather then pay for shipping but they don’t have retail premises operating yet.

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Tealux always ships around the world! we have many satisfied customers from AU.
Free shipping is available.

Your order is always welcome at

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alice said

I got around to updating this list a bit today.

I also wanted to add a little note that a few of the other vendors on steepster that don’t post to Australia are happy to make exceptions if you ask nicely and take full responsibility if customs seizes the package.

If you are thinking for ordering from overseas and are worried about customs as a general rule I avoid any teas that contain fruits, nuts or seeds and am yet to run into any problems. :)

…and finally the tea centre have 20% off online orders until the end of october making it cheaper to buy online than in store, even with postage.

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