Who wants to start the Oolong/White Tea Drink-Along together?

Or at least witness my thread as I go along? Lose weight while drinking our beverage of choice lol.

I know there has been a thread on here before, but it’s not been a Drink-a-long. (http://steepster.com/discuss/2346-weight-loss-tea?page=1&post_id=41220)

I know someone who swears by this, but she downs like a quart of Oolong a day. I hereby swear to drink at least one cup with every meal and see where that gets me.

And I do understand that it’s calories in calories out, but all things held equal, doesn’t that mean if you’re willing to put in the same and drink tea, you’ll lose a little weight. I just saw this report on Dr. Oz, that if it’s belly fat you’re looking at, try white and oolong. (http://www.doctoroz.com/videos/3-teas-will-shrink-your-waist)

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sansnipple said

A wise man once said “Drinking tea for the health benefits is like having sex for the exercise”, ie: doing it wrong. Besides, if it was anywhere near that simple, most of us steepsters would be down to skeletons by now from all the tea we drink, the only way I can see it directly helping weight loss is if you replace a previous habit of sugary drinks or fatty lattes with straight teas (lowering your average calorie intake).

So, lets have some good oolong and appreciate it for what it really is (a delicious delicious drink, not some magical slimming potion). Today feels like a Tieguanyin day i think.

I see nothing wrong with drinking tea for health benefits. People eat and drink all sorts of food for various combinations of health and enjoyment, why should tea be any different? Many people here are drinking tea as a replacement for dessert cravings or for previous soda addictions. Clearly health was on their mind when they made the switch. If pure taste and enjoyment was the only thing on their minds, they’d either still be drinking soda pop or have been already drinking tea in the first place (which, of course, does apply to some of us).

The important point, which you already stated, is that it’s not a weight loss “pill.” Drinking tea isn’t going to melt off pounds any more than would adding a fresh salad to your diet everyday, all other things the same. But it has been shown to regulate blood sugar levels (a good drink to have right after you give into a cupcake craving) and it increases the metabolism. Tea is a an excellent choice to include as part of a healthy lifestyle and could have a slight effect on weight loss if used in combination with regular exercise.

Well having alot of sex and drinking a good deal of oolong never hurt anybody :P

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OMGsrsly said

FYI, research suggests that it’s not as simple as calories in, calories out. There are a whole host of other factors at play. Yes, it works for some people, but not for the vast majority of dieters.

Cavocorax said

Ugh. Research on diet is so complicated and confusing. It makes sense that a healthy diet and an increase in exercise is what we need, but I don’t know what else to believe! I like to pretend that drinking pu-erh and oolongs are like magic teas that’ll fix everything, but I know it’ll only make me healthier because I’m drinking tea (without sugar) instead of Starbucks anything. :P

OMGsrsly said

Haha! Research on diet is horrible and confusing, yes. Generally exercise and eating a wide variety of low processed foods is the way to go for metabolic markers. 30 minutes 5 days a week is all you need to improve them dramatically.

I do agree about the unsweetened tea instead of Starbucks anything, though! I’m ‘saving’ so much money buying tea instead of coffee, too… (haha.)

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No one not least me is thinking of this as a magical slimming potion! With a healthy diet and regular gym, that last 2 inches of belly fat ain’t going anywhere. My doctor says – the only thing to affect it would be lipo.

So for curiosity and for deliciousness sake, will Oolong be the ticket?

sansnipple said

Ouch, talk about diminishing returns. lipo sounds worse than just keeping the 2 inches. Tea certainly won’t hurt, but don’t get your hopes up for it too much, there’s not really any hard science behind it.

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