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Multi Brand Tea Bag Sampler

I am throwing a tea party baby shower. I am in search of a variety of teas to use for service as well as for favors. I would like them to be all the same brand. Does anyone know where I can get a sampler of different brands – preferably the same flavor to compare? Suggestions as to brands would also be helpful. They must be tea bags because of our venue. I am considering Twinings or Bigelow because they are readily available but am open to suggestions for an online purchase.

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There are lots of companies that offer such a service. I just did a Google search and found ones for:
Mighty Leaf
Republic Of Tea
Stash Tea

And there are plenty of others too. Just pick a company that you like. If you are trying to impress them with quality, go with a company like Harney.

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I’m confused. Do you want multiple types of tea from the same brand, or the same type of tea from different brands?

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