New Iced Teas + Southern Boy Teas sale this weekend ONLY!

Check out the new SBT line-up!

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Those look really good. Do the iced teas only come in bags to make a pitcher?

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Each 14g teabag will make one 2-quart pitcher of DELICIOUS iced tea. Re-steep the teabag and you can get a full gallon out of each one.

Steep in boiling water for 2-3 minutes. (3 minutes MAX.) Then combine with ice and water to make a 2-quart pitcher. It couldn’t be simpler–OR more delicious!

How many tea bags are there?

The teabags are packaged and sold individually to keep them extra fresh. These are made with a super premium organic black tea base from southern India.

There are discounts for purchasing multiple teabags too.

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I’ve been waiting for a reason to buy from you :) though if this week’s tea is something I have to have I’m going to be peeved off…..

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