What tea should you drink now?

A bit of a tea game, or perhaps semi-personalized recommendations from the world of fellow tea-obsessed that is Steepster.

Not sure if this will go over, but it’s worth a try. Say you’re sitting here reading tealogs or the forum here at Steepster or even doing something else online that does not involve Steepster or tea (gasp!), and you’re thinking about having a cup or few. You might have no idea what you’re feeling, or you don’t care so long as it’s tea, wonderful tea. You might want specifically a black tea, for example, or you might specifically want anything but a black tea. You might be tired and want a pick-me-up, or you might need to relax.

Put it out into the ether online and let your fellow Steepsterians send a good karma tea experience back to you. Someone(s) is usually hanging around here with a quick reply, or ask for your morning cup the night before or post-lunch or pre-bed.

Here’s what to do: Post a reply to the main topic. Say little and leave it wide open, or give a lot of details. Then the tea-decisive/idylly-bored/fairy-teamothers or teafathers comment to your post with a general suggestion, such as a berry black tea or a chai, or with a specific tea from your cupboard, if they have the time or the inclination. More than one may reply. You take a suggestion and drink it, or not. Maybe leave a comment back to your post on what you drank and how it turned out. Maybe you were inspired by something suggested that lead to some other tea. Maybe you drank nothing ( …??).

— Thread inspired by me sitting here thinking about drinking a cup of tea for too long, not knowing what I want, and not wanting to go stand in front of my cupboard debating what to drink and getting nothing decided, which I feel would happen if I were to go there. And thinking I wish someone would just give me tea and I would drink it and be happy. (PS How do you make small text?)

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As stated above, help! I don’t know what to drink! I need tea! lol Okay, it’s not that bad. I just thought it might be a fun idea. It’s 6:30pm, so no black teas, and I’m a bit drained. What should I drink?

Cofftea said

Do you have a decaf chai? Made w/ half milk and half water it’s quite relaxing. (P.S. I didn’t check your cupboard since I know you didn’t want to lol)

This may help too

~lauren. said

Rishi Peach Blossom – a surefire mood uplifter! It’s an organic white tea base that’s peachy & tangerine-y.

Cofftea ~ I think you might in inadvertently have ended up making the winning suggestion. I actually didn’t end up having any tea earlier. (Wandered off and got distracting doing stupid life stuff.) But I think my pre-bedtime tea is going to be either Honey Vanilla Chai White Tea or Nutcracker Suite, which is a spiced tisane. Your suggestion did make me miss my Chai Rooibos. I was thinking a lot about dessert or bake goods inspired teas. I don’t really have any. It sucks. I want to have some.

Lauren ~ The Rishi Peach Blossom sounds interesting. I’ll keep an eye out for it.

Spencer said

@chrine The Peach Blossom is absolutely amazing. Quite an enjoyable tea.

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Lori said

Sounds like you need a lift- green tea flavored with tropical flavors- will put anyone in a lively mood…..

SoccerMom said

Lori, I’m not sure that YOU were looking for a suggestion of what to tea to drink but if you were might I suggest Zingiber Ginger Coconut? We would sorta be having a cuppa together since I am steeping some up right now. That is if you are still online. :)

Lori ~ Mmm, I have a tasty green tropical that I think I’ll slot in for drinking tomorrow afternoon. After the A&D Earl Gray that I’m planning on making for the first time for breakfast tomorrow morning.

SoccerMom ~ How was the Ginger Coconut? I’m going to go look through Lori’s Cupboard now. =) Whoa, it’s pretty well stocked!

SoccerMom said

chrine, The Zingiber Ginger Coconut was amazing Lori had sent me a sample of it and I liked it sooo much that I now keep it on hand it tastes and smells amazing I would compare it to Amaretto.

Lori said

Oh no I was fine- I was trying to make a suggestion for Chrine……And yes I love the Ginger Coconut…..

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Lynxiebrat said

lol..I love Zingiber! And it’s funny because I am not at all crazy about amaretto.

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