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Hi I just hard about this company handmade tea and they do really cool monthly subscriptions for a super reasonable price. $12.95-$19.95/ month and unlike most tea subscriptions where you have to pay for the whole year upfront you can just pay monthly and cancel at any time. What really makes this company different is that it is literally all handmade from the tea to the package to the info cards. I am so excited to get started. And since you are through steepster if you Use the code steepster at checkout you get 15% off. Use my link to sign up please :
I hope you all enjoy this as well. This company is also featured on steepster and the owner started as a steepster user! How awesome!

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I’m a big fan and subscriber of Handmade Tea. Depending on the kind of tea you normally drink, the prices really are quite fair. Especially considering that they are all hand blended.

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