Lala said

Perrier vs. San Pelligrino...

So I’ve mixed soda water with tea (and other drinks) for many years, but Davids Tea gave a name to it, TEA POP. I usually buy no name soda water, whatever is cheapest. But on a recent trip to Costco, I picked up a case of Perrier, because it was cheaper than San Pelligrino. The Perrier does seem to taste better, and less salty than the no name brand. The carbonation is also on less of an assault of the digestive system like some no name brands. I have never tried San Pelligrino.

Do you have a preference for which kind of soda water/carbonated water is better?

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yyz said

I have had all them of but I rarely buy San Pelligrino so my memory of it is foggy. Of the sparkling mineral water brands readily available at the grocery stores here I prefer San Benedetto, I also don’t mind the polish one that’s often available here as well( I forget the name ). I like the carbonation though. Sometimes you can find mineral water brands advertising themselves as less carbonated. Even when in Italy where there is often an aisle dedicated to mineral water I would often gravitate towards San Benedetto unless something else was significantly cheaper so I guess I prefer that one. If you find a mineral water in a green bottle named Olviete or something similar don’t get it to mix with tea as it is quite salty and has a little bit of a sulphuric aftertaste as it warms up.

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Iridium said

I usually drink Gerolsteiner, probably out of habit because that’s the brand my mother likes. But it tastes nice, and it isn’t owned by Nestle (at least, not yet, anyway…).

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