17.76% off $15 or more PLUS a sales tax discount for Kansas customers!

It just doesn’t seem right to pay taxes for tea on Independence Day. Read about the details here: http://www.52teas.com/happy-independence-day/

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Update on our promotion: The quantity discount on our iced teas and the Independence Day discount cannot be combined. If you put both iced teas and other teas in your cart, you will only receive the iced tea discount because it is a bigger percentage discount. I’ve been beating my head against a wall trying to find a fair way to resolve this. My only solution is that you might want to place two orders to get the iced tea discount AND the Independence Day discount. We will combine the orders into one shipment. Sorry for the confusion.

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The problem is that if I allow them to run TOGETHER, my cart takes 17.76% from the total FIRST, and then takes the healthy iced tea discount. You know I love you guys, but 33% off is already a BIG discount for our premium iced teas.

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Disregard the previous notes. I got everything working the way it should. You can combine iced tea and other tea purchases with no problems now. I hope. My head hurts. LOL.

KatNa said

You sound like me after I’ve had to think through a problem.

Headache headache

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I tried getting 4 iced tea pouches and rounding off the order with a $8.99 pouch, but the site didn’t apply the discount to the latter. Then I got rid of the iced tea and put 2 pouches of 52teas in the cart, and it took off $7.70. I think the shopping cart may still have some issues.

Yeah. I’m sorry. I’m trying. And the tech support people are gone for the holiday. I think the way it’s set up now, you might have to have $15 in teas OTHER than the iced teas (which already have a great discount) for it to work. I have no idea how it took $7.70 off of two pouches. It might pay to take everything out of your cart and click the “Ok” button when it tells you you don’t have anything in your cart. I’ll try to plan the next one better. =(

It’s okay! I’m just letting you know because I didn’t want you to lose money because of it.

ETA: Never mind, it corrects itself during checkout. Sorry!

ETA part 2: Ok, now the shopping cart appears to be showing the correct discount, so I guess the previous ETA was due to you fixing it?

Just purged all of the pending orders. I think that should reset it to work right.

Fairly sure it’s working correctly now, even giving discounts based on total qualifying items in the cart, including SBTs. If that’s not right, I’m very sorry, but I have to go blow some stuff up with the family. Happy Fourth everyone!

Sorry for all the confusion. Hope you have a great evening!

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ChaMei select said

Unable to enter credit card info to check out. I will try again in the morning although it is the a.m. hours of July 5. Will you consider extending coupon until shopping cart issues are cleared?

It should be valid for a few more hours while I put together the orders. I’ll probably be taking it down this afternoon. I haven’t had any reports of the checkout not working. Can you tell me what sort of error you are getting?

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ChaMei select said

Error says my credit card could not be processed. I might need to enter a new credit card but don’t know how. May I email you a screenshot of my order and have you bill me? My account won’t receive the points though.

There are two methods of checking out. One via the BIG Paypal button and one is a smaller button in the cart above the Paypal button that says something like “Proceed to Checkout” You can use either one with a credit card—everything currently goes through Paypal. If one of them doesn’t work for you, you might try the other. If you feel comfortable emailing your information to me, that would be fine. I’ll make sure you get the points.

ChaMei select said

Yay, order resolved; most excited for Lemon Meringue Chai.

Thanks for your business. Packing your order now. I meant to ask you: Can you tell me what browser and operating system you are using? I need to figure out why this occasionally happens to us.

ChaMei select said

I’m usually on the IPad so Safari. I guess I could try Google Chrome.

That COULD be the issue. Someone else told me they had never been able to check out on their iPad recently.

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