Need a tea to convert stubborn, coffee-drinking dad to tea

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KatNa said

Does your father drink only one cup of coffee in the morning and that is all? Unless his Dr. wants him to quit drinking coffee. I’m not understanding?
Coffee has benefits, just like tea. I don’t think coffee can be said to be “bad” and tea to be “good”. Unless there is a medical reason.

I can’t drink tea in the morning :) I have to have my 2 cups of Joe,. Tea just doesn’t wake me up and it’s a ritual that I would loath to part with. But then I drink at least 4 to 5 cups (or more) of tea the rest of the day.
but that is just me.. :)

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Rie said

Hello! ^ ^* Good luck on your attempts. If anything, it’d be enjoyable to have a tea-drinking partner in your father at least some of the time.

If he likes the taste of tieguanyin/TGY itself, he might not mind everyday-quality grades that are significantly cheaper: for example, Dragon Tea House on eBay sells a TGY, $15 for ~9oz. Asian supermarkets go even cheaper depending on quality. Perhaps try going for roasted tea, though, maybe a roasted tieguanyin even, which is less flowery and more dark and fruity.

If it’s the morning ritual he likes, maybe try Assam tea? I’m an Assam tea newbie but it’s very quickly become what I often wish I had on hand in the mornings, for how bold and wake-me-up it is.

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Try Coffee Chai from David’s Tea. My dad (anti-tea) loves it (though he’d never admit it to anyone else!) and I enjoy it too. I used to live on coffee and espresso but it kills my stomach now. It probably was the thing to kill it! The coffee beans in the chai blend don’t bother my stomach and it’s got enough caffeine to keep me going. It’s delish! :)

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Chai, it’s my favorite, or French Vanilla

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Andie select said

I won my dad over with oolong. Whenever I’m trying to convert someone to taa, I hook them in with Adagio samples. Cheap, small amounts, great for figuring out what they like.

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SimplyJenW said

I was a long time coffee drinker. I generally only like black teas. I tried to like others, but they just did not do anything for me. I now only drink coffee on vacation. A good China black like black dragon pearls, golden monkey, or panyang congou might work. Also, Keemuns come in all levels of quality, and sometimes, I like the lower ones better than the higher ones as the lower ones have a little more smokiness. Good luck, but unless there is a medical need to completely convert him, I would not.

Edit to add: If you think tea is going to help with this weight and high blood pressure, I kind of doubt it will make a significant difference. Tea is a great beverage, but it will not change much from drinking coffee unless he uses tons of sugar and heavy cream with it. In my opinion, a little exercise would go a long way. (I am not talking marathons, just a little more movement than he is doing now and slowly building, is the best remedy. Drastically changing food/drink habits is hard to do long term late in life and I don’t think coffee is a bad habit worth ditching unless the doctor says to do so.)

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Serenity said

When my husband runs out of coffee and has forgotten to buy more or has forgotten to ask me to buy him some, we have tea together in the morning and I pretend that the tea is all happy, winning him over; a victory over coffee! But it’s all in fun. He likes something like Irish breakfast. Next day he is back to his coffee. Like your dad, just in the morning.

I did like breakfast teas when there wasn’t time to get coffee.

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