BoxerMama said

How do you drink your tea?

Do you add milk or sweetener? Do you add different types of milk to different type of tea? Do you prefer stevia over agave or raw sugar?
I typically either drink it straight or with a little 1% milk and raw sugar. The other day I had some soy milk in my tea and it tasted great, which has me wondering what I’m missing.

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I take my black tea with whole milk (I believe that milk fat provides a more full and balanced addition) and one teaspoon of pure cane sugar. Sounds generic but I’m a classic type of person. :) With green teas I add nothing. With oolongs I add a dash of organic clover honey. With Darjeeling I add only sugar.

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Lala said

I generally don’t add anything. Prefer to drink it straight. I will sometimes add white or brown rock sugar. Rarely use maple syrup. I have also added things like vanilla, cinnamon stick, vanilla bean pod, star anise, depending on the tea. I do not like milk – of any kind – in my tea.

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It really depends on the tea. I’ll sometimes add soy milk to the masala chai blends.

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never put anything in my tea. if i’m drinking honeybush (pretty much the only tisane i drink) i put in like a drop of honey but when it comes to “actual” tea there’s never anything else in my cup u_u

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Lynxiebrat said

Rarely would add milk/milk substitutes to my tea. I do however like playing around with various sweeteners, though on a regular basis I mostly use either Apriva or German Rock Sugar.

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I drink most teas straight: white, green, oolong, black, puer.
I used to sometimes drink my black tea with stevia & french vanilla soy creamer, but nobody is selling the soy creamer here anymore, they only have coconut creamer, & I don’t really like it very much.

The exception is flavored teas. I feel like they usually require some form of sweetener to really bring out the flavors. I usually use stevia, but occasionally use Maple Syrup for the more caramelly ones, because its just so damn tasty! Occasionally I’ll add the creamer or maybe some almond milk, mainly in chai.

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ashmanra said

I drink almost everything straight! I will add a little raw cane sugar or beet sugar to some iced teas.

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I try new teas straight. But I like my tea sweet so I usually end up adding varying amounts of Truvia depending on the tea. Very rarely do I find a tea that I drink straight (Only one at the moment). And occasionally I’ll try tea with brown sugar, but that’s pretty rare too.
I’ve tried adding milk to my tea but I always think it only makes the tea taste watery. Cream is a bit better but I can’t afford to always have cream on hand for the rare times I might want to try milk in my tea. Lol. I wish there was a way to freeze cream so you could use it when you needed it instead of trying to use it all before it goes bad in the fridge.

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KatNa said

I can not stand milk in any drink coffee or tea, but a little real cream or Fake bad for you creamer I like!
Depends on the tea and my mood. Lately I’ve been drinking without cream or creamer with just sugar or apriva. Love honey but it gives me a rash.
I hate the taste of stevia.

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Angrboda said

I never add anything to tea ever.

I’ve always thought that people who add loads of milk and sweetener must not really like tea much if they have to adjust the flavour of it. Some people claim that if you add sweetener to a flavoured tea it makes the flavouring stand out more clearly, but this has never been my experience. For me sweetener only enhances a sense of astringency even in otherwise non-astringent teas, and if a tea needs additives in order to be good then it’s just not a good tea to begin with.

Additives are tea-murder. ;)


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