How do you drink your tea?

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Most of the time I don’t add anything to my tea, I prefer to enjoy them just as they are.

The exception to this would be flavored teas, some of them need just a little something extra to bring out the flavors more. Most of the time I use German Rock Sugar for these, but occasionally I’ll use honey.

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Rie said

Usually drink hot tea with no additives, and only iced if someone offers, or there’s no hot tea options. But I do sometimes like to experiment with flavored tea, like a dessert tea sometimes calls for milk. And it is interesting to explore other tea styles – I would love to try adding jam and lemon like in Russia? But I really do prefer straight tea and simple flavored tea. (‘u’-)

I love ultra sweet HK milk tea (+condensed milk) and boba tea (both +tapioca, +jelly)! but it’s like they belong in a different category of drink altogether.

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Uniquity said

As is. I will add sweetener to try to redeem a bad tea, but I am of the school that tea that needs help isn’t worth drinking. I would rather find it a new home than struggle through drinking yucky tea. I offer milk and sweetener to anyone I am drinking tea with because I really don’t mind what others do. As long as we all enjoy it, all is good!

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Katiek said

I drink it straight, no milk or sugar – although I do drink a lot of flavored teas that have flavors added.

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Rosehips said

In a cup!
OK, in all seriousness. I tend to drink mine black, as I do really like tea and its flavor. The thing I add sometimes in honey, but I rarely add sugar or milk, though I might give it a whirl if reviewers said it did wonders for the flavors of the tea.

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I drink all of my tea plain except for the occasional cup of black tea with a splash of soy milk.

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Booker said

I drink most of the ones I’ve tried straight. However, I generally add some honey and cream or milk to chai teas and some dessert teas. I like honey better than sugar most of the time.

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Excelsior said

I don’t add anything to Green, Rooibos, or Oolong teas. However, for black teas, even to the premium Darjeelings, I will add a small amount of sugar, 1/4 teaspoon per12 fluid ounces. Not just any sugar, it’s a premium type made by Nissin and Mitsuip, especially suited for tea. I’ve used the Mariage Freres brand, which is pretty expensive and is similar or the same as the Japanese brands. These sugars add only sweetness, which in my personal opinion, enhances the flavor of the tea.

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Mrs. Tea said

When hot, a few tsp. of sugar when I’m drinking greens, some herbals, rooibos, and whites. However, I use a dash of 2% milk and a few tsps. of sugar to some black teas, herbals and rooibos as well.

When iced, a few tsps of sugar.

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keychange said

I tend to enjoy my black or darker teas with cream and sugar (yup, outing myself here—with pride!), but I also grew up drinking sugary chai. For teas that market themselves as flavoured, however, I always try them straight before adding anything. I also drink my jasmine teas with a bit of agave.

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