Tasting Note Order Changed?

Maybe I’m imagining it, but has the way that tasting notes get prioritized changed? To clarify, I’m talking about when you go to view a tea, the order that the tasting notes show up on that page. I feel like comments have always been weighted more heavily than likes. So if note A has 10 likes and 3 comments, it would appear above note B that has 13 likes and 0 comments. Or at least it used to. It seems like something changed because I’ve noticed a lot of my older tasting notes have been bumped to the second page when they used to appear fairly high on the first page. Has anyone else noticed this? Is it a bug or has the prioritization of notes changed? And if it’s the latter, what’s the new priority based on?

My last two cents: If Steepster did want to change the priority, they should change the way they handle 2 notes from the same reviewer. It seems that they only rank the first note. So if I review a tea for the first time, that’s always the note that shows up first even if it has 4 likes and my second note on it has 24 likes. That really annoys me. Okay, end of rant.

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I’m noticing this today with some of my notes. I went to check an earlier note on the tea page before I wrote a second note on the same tea, and my note was farther back in the mix than a number of others that had fewer likes/comments. (Gosh, it sounds so egotistical to hear myself say this. LOL. I feel I have to add that it doesn’t really matter to me where Steepster decides to put the notes as long as I know where to look for them in a consistent manner. So if the priority has changed, it would be nice to know so I don’t go looking for my own prior note that got 15 likes under the one that got 16 if it’s going to be at the very end of the list from now on.)

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Lala said

I agree with the multiple notes change. It makes things super hard to find and doesn’t accurately portray the tea. I usually only write a second note if I made a change to how I brewed the tea or I changed how I felt about it. But that isn’t accurately portrayed.

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I should add, by the way, that the multiple note thing appears to be working for me such that if I write multiple notes on a tea (which I didn’t used to do much but now do a lot more because I’m using my tea notes differently now than I used to) the note with the most likes/comments shows up on the page and the others are accessed through the button regardless of chronology. So it seems different than what CHAroma is describing, where the first note always shows up regardless of numbers of likes/comments.

I wrote this post 8 months ago, so chances are that it’s been changed again since.

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I did a spot check on the notes of some people I’m following, and confirmed this appears to be happening in general. As best I can tell, here is how the order has been working for the past few days:

Old notes (before the change) in order by most likes/comments first.

New note A (first posted) falls to the bottom of the list, except that if it has any likes/comments, it will go before any old notes with no likes/comments.

New note B (second posted) falls to the bottom of the list, except that it will go before new note A even if it has fewer likes/comments than new note A.

If the user has already posted a note on the tea, the note will attach to whatever other notes the user has posted but any likes/comments that note gets will not cause it to rise in the list.

It seems too random to be an intentional change but since it’s only been happening for the past four days or so perhaps there’s a bigger picture there somewhere and I just missed the memo.

On the other hand, because it is so random, I am guessing a switch got flipped somewhere accidentally.

Wow, great detective work! I find the whole thing just so annoying. I agree there needs to be some kind of intuitive, logical ranking system.

Personally, I don’t think date should be taken into consideration when ranking the order notes appear. Who cares if a note is 2 years old if it is a great description of the tea and lots of people have found it useful (i.e. it has lots of likes and comments)?

LOL yes, I obviously have had too much time on my hands the past few days. (Not really, I have a lot to do, I’m just procrastinating and hanging out here is, lately, my primary means of procrastination…)

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