Caffeine levels in resteeps?

My dad is overly concerned about everything apparently including my tea! In a day I probably drink one or two teas, but I resteep each 3ish times. I can’t imagine I’m getting full caffeine each resteep, but my dad doesn’t believe me. What say you guys :)

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Lala said

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For some reason i couldn’t find one! Thank you :0

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Lala said

I just pulled this off of this site.

It was in one of the threads above. Very interesting.

30 seconds: 9% caffeine removal
1 minute: 18% caffeine removal
2 minutes: 34% caffeine removal
3 minutes: 48% caffeine removal
4 minutes: 60% caffeine removal
5 minutes: 69% caffeine removal
10 minutes: 92% caffeine removal
15 minutes: 100% caffeine removal

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linnaete said

That’s funny, my husband and I were just discussing this the other day. It’s our opinion that tea has a finite amount of caffeine in a cup, so you’re not getting a full dose with each steeping.

Some places say that the majority of the caffeine is leeched out within 30 seconds, and if you quick steep and pour out the water you can limit your caffeine intake. However, I found an article online that refutes this statement. Those links have good resources about that.

My husband and I determined that steeping one cup multiple times would be a better choice than getting a brand new cup of tea leaves. If it were so easy to get full caffeine each steep, there wouldn’t be any need to keep ordering tea. And we would be scooping out our herbs from dishes and saving them for later. Just doesn’t work that way, they’re all plants.

AJ said

Yup, the 30-second rule’s been debunked, thankfully. There are a good number of articles out there that fully show their results and process of testing, which is great.

One of my favourite articles to link is here:

it shows the comparison between several different teas with differing initial caffeine levels.

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