Neil Gaiman- tea related, I swear ;)

I am sitting in the War Memorial Auditorium in Nashville waiting for Neil Gaiman to sign my copy of his new book! Earlier he took some questions from the audience, one of which was “how do you take your tea?”

His answer?


Hahahahaha :) love him

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AJ said

Pff haha.

When you get up there, ask him about 52Teas.

I think Frank would have a fieldday. Another one.

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Dustin said

Oooooooo, Neil Gaiman! I’m jealous! What is his latest book? Have you read it yet? Is it good?

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Ooh, I just saw him at his Ann Arbor book signing! He’s so wonderful in person.

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Neil Gaiman helped write Good Omens with Terry Pratchet, Thats the only thing I’ve read by him, but i liked it :) perhaps i should read more

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AJ- I was too nervous to ask him much of anything, LOL.

Dustin- His new book is the Ocean at the End of the Lane. I haven’t started reading it yet. I got my copy last night at the signing, but my friend couldn’t wait and got one from the library and already read it and she said it is great!

Kimlovestea- high fives! He was really great in person :D

Tommy the Toad- You should definitely check out more of his work, especially if you like fantasy! It is hard to pick favorites but if I had to I’d recommend American Gods or Neverwhere as my 2 favorites of his :)

Uniquity said

I only read American Gods by him and it was definitely good but I somehow hoped for more from it, maybe because I love all the “old Gods” and wanted more out of it about them and less about Shadow. Still good though. :)

Spot52 select said

I agree with you. I wanted there to be more story. The clever way of learning the old gods in a modern world was not enough to sustain a book. I actually was very bored after about a third of the book.

I do like his Doctor Who stories and the stuff with Prachett.

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Nicole said

Anansi Boys is one of my absolute favorites by him. So jealous you got go to a book signing!

That is a great one, too :)

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