Lala said

Rooibos and heart burn?

Back story: a long, long time ago, in a land far, far away…. I had a stomach ulcer. It eventually “resolved” through changes in diet and avoiding my trigger foods. It has been good for a long time with occasional irritation if I overdo it on certain foods/ drinks.

Lately I have been having a lot of stomach irritation and heart burn/acid reflux (the heart burn is unusual for me). It was initially triggered by a change in diet, but now it seems to be triggered by drinking rooibos blends. I have never noticed this before.

Has anyone else noticed this with rooibos before?

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Angrboda said

I haven’t, but I’m going to be paying attention to it now. I sometimes get a bit of heart burn for no apparant reason and I suspect that it’s triggered by something but haven’t yet managed to work out what. I had never considered rooibos to be a culprit. I’ve been looking much more at whether we’ve had particularly fatty or spicy foods or something, but haven’t been able to discern a pattern.

Lala said

My triggers were spicey or fatty foods, a lot of fibrous foods (ie celery and spinach/greens), caffeine mostly from coffee or pop/soda, over or under eating. I found it was really helpful to do several small meals vs three big ones thru the day. Also straight water on an empty stomach sometimes would trigger it.

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My husband gets heartburn from red rooibos and some black teas, but he’s OK on green rooibos and green teas. And oolong, his fave, is OK too.

Coffee is his biggest heartburn foe, and I often wonder what the relationship is between coffee and teas like red rooibos which induce heartburn.

Sorry you’re going through this! Feel better! :)

Lala said

Thanks! I have never tried to discern between red and green rooibos, but I am going to do an experiment. I am thinking red rooibos is most likely the problem.

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