Breville RM-BTM800XL

Hi all. My programmable tea kettle died today and I’m considering new ones. I’ve heard a lot of mention of Breville’s stuff and was wondering if anyone had this particular model and how well it’s worked for you.

I’m looking at it on Amazon and it’s gotten a really good over-all rating but there are also a lot of low comments on it dying early. If I got it I’d be buying the extended warranty, so that’s something, but I figured I’d ask about it here first.


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lol, nevermind! I ordered it already with the 3 year warranty because I could get it delivered by Saturday…

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I ended up buying a refurbished one with a 3 year warranty. This model boils water on it’s own or goes through a full tea making cycle… fill the tea based, set the water temp, set the brewing time, and when the water reaches the right temp that basket lowers itself down in until the tea steeping timer ends and then it pulls it back up and out.

All automated for those times I don’t want to enjoy the hands-on process of the tea making. Plus it makes about 40oz at a time when I need to drink 80oz of water or low caffeine drinks a day… The warming feature could go for longer than an hour but hey.

I’m in love. I’ve tried it with a Keemun and with a White Downy so far ad both came out great. It’s so nice to set it aside and let it brew for me when I don’t want to enjoy my tea ritual and patterns,

A lot of money so I was hesitant, but I feel I made the right choice for me.

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linnaete said

I have the Breville tea maker too and I love it. Just be careful making strong flavored teas as the flavor can linger even after you empty the pot. Some people say scrubbing with cream of tartar works well, but I haven’t tried it yet.

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Thanks for the tip!

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