Radical Iced Tea directions from Upton Tea customer Darius McGregor

I think I’ll try it this week! Now if I can only find room for a few jars in the office fridge….


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I get really good black tea just from overnight cold brew :)

El Monstro said

I just do overnight as well. The 4 days he calls for sounds good…but I don’t really have that kind of patience, haha.

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ifjuly said

I was always like, well overnight black tastes fine, so…but then recently I accidentally left some American Tea Room Yunnan Gold and Anastasia blended together in a mason jar at the back of the fridge for 4 days. Freaked out, tried it, and was astonished to discover it was hands down the best cold tea I’ve ever had. So he may be onto something.

ifjuly said

As for patience, the trick is to have a bunch rotating in the fridge together so that at any given time one’s ready at least. I’ve got like 4 mason jars and an 8 cup Takeya flash chill pitcher in my fridge all summer long, yum.

ifjuly — Like!!!

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Lala said

I decided to give this one a try. I cold brewed a tea for 3 days, here is my review: http://steepster.com/Lala1/posts/184545#comments

I found that although it did make a great cold brew, it didn’t seem much different then if you brewed for only 1 day.

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