Garrett said

Herb Gardens

Just out of curiosity, does anyone here grow herb gardens, I guess more specifically for tea?

I figured I’d make one to use them in herbal teas that I will make myself, I thought it’d be a fun little project for the spring/summer.

I just started mine for the spring, so far all the tea related herbs I have planted are:

Mint (spearmint, chocolate, orange, and corsican)
Lavender (miss katherine pink, hidcote blue, goodwin creek)
Lemon Balm
Lemon Grass (East-Indian)

Then I have the more typical herbs for cooking, such as chives, cilantro, rosemary, sage, savory, etc..

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I have some mint (you know how that goes w mint! Some = a ton) and lavender (which is going on year 3 but has yet to flower) but my coworker just gave me some chamomile and lemon balm seeds – I need to get to work planting!

I do the culinary herbs too – my cilantro re seeded itself and I’ve been enjoying that so much this year! The rest will be planted soon by seed.

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~lauren. said

I thought, maybe, when I saw this online a while back, but really, not much of a gardener.

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AJ said

I have always wanted to start a more official one, as I have had some edible plants growing in the garden on and off, however I have not started one yet. I mean to some time this year, it is only a matter of finding a nice patch to start it, as my garden is somewhat shared, thus I don’t have much of a say over it.

I might just start a series of pots.

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gmathis said

Has anyone ever successfully started peppermint from seeds? My husband, bless him, tries annually, and we have never been successful. Any tips?

I started spearmint from seed and it’s a MONSTER this year!! Not peppermint, tho… I sprinkled the seeds, barely covering (they are so tiny!) and put it in a very sunny location.

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Lori said

I have mint, rosemary, mexican marigold mint and basil in my garden now. My lemongrass froze this winter and I need to replant it.. Where I live, in the summer, the humidity melts plants like lavendar….

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Cofftea said

After trying Mighty Leaf’s Aloe Serenity I wanna try creating my own aloe blend.

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I have rosemary growing in my backyard. I didn’t plant it, it came with the house and it has really done well. It grows along the side of a fence. Problem is, since I didn’t plant it I always forget it’s there. I usually remember right after I’ve used some dry rosemary when I could have used fresh instead.

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I’m growing spearmint and chamomile for tea, both started from seed and doing well. I also have lavender (no flowers yet), oregano, basil, thai basil, cilantro, and rosemary.

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