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Hello Steepsters!

I am sure that some of you are familiar with It’s All About The Leaf. We are a tea review blog. We post reviews twice weekly (for now) of teas that have been donated by companies for review. To date, we have about 46 tea reviews, and growing! (not that this compares even REMOTELY to Steepster! ;))

We are currently looking for more reviewers. We have a few reliable reviewers, but we also have a HUGE backload of tea and products to get reviewed, and we need help! Do YOU think that you can write reviews? Well, we KNOW that you can, because you are here!

The type of reviews that we try and focus on are everyday people, reviewing everyday tea. You might find the odd descriptor like “seaweed” and “refreshing muscatel notes” – however that is not what we require. We only really have two requirements:

1. You drink, and enjoy (for the most part) tea.
2. You can string a comprehensible sentence or two together.

If YOU meet these criteria, then perhaps you should become a reviewer for us! The way it works is, we send you a list of the tea that we have for review, you pick 4-5, and I will mail them to you, at our cost. You drink, you review, you get more tea :) Simple isn’t it! We don’t require that you are exclusive to us – in fact, we would encourage that you submit your reviews to Steepster also! We don’t require that you ONLY review what we send you – we are an equal opportunity review site – review what we send, what is in your cupboard, tea, accessories, books, whatever you like!

See, simple!

Our goal is to grow our reviews to more than 100, and to add 15 new reviewers to our stable by the end of the year. We currently have teas for review from: Adagio, LeafSpa, TeaForte, TeaFrog, Mighty Leaf, Red Leaf Tea, Kalahari Tea, Simple Leaf, Canton Tea, and more! We are always getting tea in, and there is always a big variety of tea to review.

So, if you are interested, please contact us via our Steepster account, or via twitter (allabouttheleaf), or by email (infoitsallabouttheleaf.com). Submit a review to us to check out – any tea you like, and we will contact you back to get started. (we will not use your review unless you become a reviewer and give us permission!). You can check out the site at http://www.itsallabouttheleaf.com

We look forward to adding some amazing Steepster reviewers to our growing list, and getting you some great teas to review!

Thanks for your attention, now back to your regular discussions… ;)

Mike Morton

PS – just FYI that I DID run this by Jason to make sure it was OK to search for reviewers in this community, and he knows that I am not trying to steal great reviewers from this great site!!!

PPS – full disclosure, I own TeaFrog, a tea company, however IAATL and TeaFrog are completely separate. IAATL is an UNBIASED review site, and I NEVER review any of my own teas. We welcome reviewers that sell tea, with the limitation that they can never review their own products. (just ask Jamie (http://steepster.com/jamie) – she DESTROYED one of my teas in tomorrows review! ;))

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I have a question…
I am following you now on steepster but am unable to PM you until you start following me. Is there an email address I can email you at?

I am following you now – or you can email us @ [email protected]

Thanks! :)

Just sent you a PM on here…

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gmathis said

Interested, I think. Will communicate with you via e-mail.

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This sounds interesting, I sent an email.

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Harfatum said

This sounds interesting, and I may join. I do have a comment on your website, though – I think it would be easier to read if the main article text were more than half the width of the page, and the page text were just slightly larger. The title font is also somewhat plain – the site might be more memorable if it were in a more distinctive font.

Hey Harfatum! Thanks very much for your comments. So often people don’t take the time to actually email their suggestions, it is tough (as the designer) to step back and look at it objectively sometimes! I will take your suggestions to heart, and see what we can do :)

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Thanks for the great response already Steepsterites! We have already welcomed 2 of you to our ranks, and a few others have emailed their interest and we are just awaiting review samples from them, and permission from other sites for them to review with us too!

Thanks again, and keep the interest coming!

PS – any tea companies out there that are looking for tea reviews – we are ALWAYS happy to get new products for review – information on how to submit your products for review is found at: http://www.itsallabouttheleaf.com/contactus/ – if companies like TeaForte, Adagio and SimpleLeaf send us tea to review, we must be legit! ;)

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I am interested… I currently write for the Tea Review Blog… does that create a conflict of interest? Also… I did blend teas and sell them for 8 years, although I’m currently in the process of closing shop… I don’t know if that presents a conflict either…

TeaEqualsBliss had the same question :) I am ok with it as long as Stephanie gives her blessing. The only thing I ask is that you do not use the same review on multiple sites – that is, use one you have done for TRB on IAATL – and vice versa. I do however, have no problem whatsoever with you doing a review for TRB with the tea that I send – as long as the content is different. Please do obtain Stephanies permission first tho – the last thing I want is to have her or any other review blog think I am poaching their reviewers! :)

LOL @ LiberTEAs…I swear we share the same brain! :)

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I am interested, and will email you, as long as I can also post the links to my personal blog and use the affiliate programs I am already enrolled in.

As I mentioned to LiberTEAS above, as long as the content written for IAATL is unique – that is no problem, however, I would prefer that the same content is not posted elsewhere, except maybe Steepster, as they are not strictly speaking, a review site for profit.

Further to that as well, reviews written for us would not be linked up to affiliate programs, except for ones that we participate in (currently none, and no plans for the near future either).

You are welcome to do a second review for any teas that we send you to post on your own blog using your own affiliate links of course, as long as the content is unique ;)

If that works for you, we would love to have you on board! Drop me an email (as you did already ;)) and let me know if that would be satisfactory.

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Miss Sweet said

Is this restricted to Canada/US residents only?

I am so sorry Miss Sweet – but it is, for now anyhow. The only issue is the cost of shipping overseas – as I am covering that cost personally. Once the site does start generating revenue however, we certainly can and will open it up worldwide, as I recognize that not all great reviewers are in North America! ;)

Miss Sweet said

No problem, I totally understand!

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Jillian said

I’m always interested in sampling new teas. ;)

I went ahead and emailed you along with a link to one of my steepster reviews. :)

Got it and replied Jillian – thanks! ;)

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wombatgirl said

I’ve sent you an email. This could be a neat opportunity!

Just got your email – and reviewed your reviews – fantastic! Welcome aboard – I have sent you a reply with more info ;)

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