Looking for reviewers...

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Thank you for including Steepster members in your search for reviewers. I have sent my email.

Thank you :) I have responded…

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Thank you so much everyone for their interest! I have added 10 brand new reviewers that are going to be receiving their welcome email shortly. Still more are awaiting news on whether they can participate (based on existing review committments). Thank you again everyone for their participation. I am very excited about the plethera of reviews we will soon have on the site! Remember to check us out at http://www.itsallabouttheleaf.com

For now, I think we are at capacity for reviewers. The unexpected response should VERY shortly clear out the backlog of teas for review – so I am off now to contact additional companies for more teas to review!

Thanks again Steepsterites! Subscribe to us here to get previews of the reviews that will be posted on the site…

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Ah I did not even realize until today that this was up here lol and wanted to be a reviewer now its too late.

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